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In reading various message boards I am struck by how many people have been falsely arrested during their involvement with the psychopath, and also how many people were “almost” arrested or investigated due to the psychopath making false allegations against them.  And the most striking thing is that some of these psychopaths have a rap sheet (although not necessarily of violent type crimes) a mile long, while most of the victims have no arrest record at all until they get caught in the psychopath’s web.  If this has happened to you, please comment below.  Or if you would like to tell your story in full length as a featured post (it can be as long as you want as I can break it down into multiple posts), please email:

Written by victimsofpsychopaths

February 5, 2009 at 10:44 pm

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  1. Sunshine has others press charges against me when I explode at them for his abuse and harassment by proxy. Psychopaths do anything they can to avoid the consequences of their actions. They launch guerilla attacks and force you to bear the full burden of their transgressions, while escaping unscathed themselves. If you have a psychopath in your life, watch out! He will take everything you ever had — and destroy your chances of getting it back. Equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible if you cannot get away. If possible, avoid a psychopath at all costs; otherwise, you may eventually run out of options and be forced into his lair against your will. Then the real torture begins and it won’t stop until you’re either physically dead or otherwise unable to serve as a host to the psychopath’s parasitism. Be careful!


    March 29, 2009 at 8:57 pm

  2. If I had read your post five years ago I would have thought that the writer was bordering on paranoia. Now that I have been through the ole psychic wringer myself I can read this calmly and feel relief that someone else has the experience of this kind of terror and insanity.
    One elaborate slander involved my es claiming to have the highest level of clearance from the information system of the government, so that he could look up charges against anyone etc. He was proud of this and had it becasue he had a huge contract to work with Native people. A lot of psychopaths see this as easy money that comes with the cache of being a
    Anyway, he told my friend that I made up that I had been assaulted and held captive by a man many years ago. He said that He looked it up and that I had not laid any charges so it was a lie.
    My friend was bamboozled by this and I could tell she must have had a lot more details.

    Sadly, I was held and beaten by man and the police came and told me not to lay charges. This was thirty years ago and that was how it was done then.
    The point is though that my ex had sorted that bit of data about me and found a way to use it against me to make me look like a mentally ill person who fabricated elaborate lies about people. I remember that I cried because I had been so traumatized by being assaulted back then and when I heard that he used this aweful experience to slander me it was just ghastly. What a strange labyrinth of a mind to file away information about me to use in this way. He was lying, slandering, trying to isolate me and flirting with my old friend too. He would do that act of being victimized by me because I was insane.
    Apparently, he had something against mentally ill people because he would say that to me whenever I confronted him on just about anything.
    Later he called the police and told them I assauted him. I did not but the law says that the initiator of an assault must be arrested. So I was arrested and charged, had to get a lawyer, faced dismissal by my professional association, had to talk to union reps about the assault and basically was completely humiliated. A little slander is a powerful thing. I was devastated. He did this the day he left me for another woman. I had no idea he was having an affair in another city.
    Curiously, I found a picture that had been printed out in 8 by 10 of a young woman with only a pair of chaps on. She was smiling into the camera. Later, I found out that this was the new girlfriends daughter. The way I found out was I looked him up on facebook and there she was with her family wearing her clothes too of course and also the riding chaps. I know that he can get himself involved in very strange things that he is brilliant about compartmentalizing and keeping secret. This was just one that I found out about. I guess I will never know the full extent of the aberance of that one, but there is enough to know tha something was up.
    Whose daughter sends nudy pictures to her mothers boyfriend? He was also living in their posh home for free rent and babysitting.
    This is bizarre beyond belief to me. One minute he is living with me for years and swearing undying love and living off me and then he has found someone thousands of miles away and moves there and jumps into a new life. No looking back.
    I am fortunate that he found someone else. He was telling people including my co workers that I was psychotic and suicidal and that he had to hide the guns etc. Even my co workers.
    Being falsely arrested really was terrible. My neighbours saw the three police cars in the yard and I am sure he told them a lot of bs. I live in a small town. I did not know how much my good name meant to me until that.

    sea storm

    June 10, 2009 at 7:29 pm

  3. My husband has bi-polar disorder and I have been on an emotional rollercoster every since I met him. He put me in the hospital once when hitting me. He went to jail for almost killing his brother in law the same day, but guess who got him out? During this last year of our marriage my husband has pretty much convinced me that I am crazy and “worse” than he is. He has lied and done things behind my back several times, but about a week ago he did the worst and went to a strip club while I worked overtime at my job. I got so upset when he told me this with a smile on his face like he was bragging that I completely went hysterical. I drank nearly a whole bottle of whiskey and quite a bit of Tequila to try and kill the pain (never have I done this in my past). I wanted to die I felt physical and emotional pain shooting through my whole body. My husband call 911 on me saying he feared my safety, but all he needed to do was just wait for me to sober up. The cops came and put me in handcuffs. They sent me to a mental hospital for 2 days. I would have lost my job if I hadn’t gotten out. I have no history of a crime or being in a mental hospital. My husband has a history of both, yet he had to call the hospital and give them permission to let me come back home. He says I need to be grateful he helped get me out. Yet, despite all this I continue to idolize him. I’m very scared, scared of what he might do or what I will allow him to do to me.

    Angie Johnson

    December 8, 2009 at 11:00 am

  4. I was involved with a psychopath for 6 years. From the time I was 17 – 23 years old. I am now only 24 and still recovering. I can relate to this post a lot and had no idea getting arrested because of a psychopath was this common!! I suddenly don’t feel so alone!
    Anyways, I’m not going to go into the whole thing or how we got to the point we got too, but surprise surprise, our relationship had become physically abusive over the years.
    We were living in an apartment (which I was paying for with no help from him, while he slept all day). One evening, we got into an argument, about I can’t even remember what, but he got completely enraged with me, threw me on the ground and started slamming my head on to the floor. This went on for like ten minutes. He would not get off of me and proceeded then to choke me. I was just kicking and pushing and using any ounce of strength I could to get him off of me.
    He finally got off of me and I was crying about what had just happened because this was all too familiar and he told me it would never happen again. I knew I couldn’t argue with him and I knew I HAD to stop crying immediately.
    His demeanor suddenly changed and he was calm (as long as I was calm. If I had continued to cry then he would have probably gotten physical with me again.)
    I knew I had to escape somehow. I was feeling extremely isolated. I just needed some time to breathe. I told my boyfriend that we were going to go to the mall and I’d take him shopping. I used this as an excuse to get him to take a shower and then I knew right at that point I could make my escape.
    He obliged because of my bribe and as soon as he got into the shower, I opened the door of our apartment and ran as fast as I could. I couldn’t drive or have access to my car because he ALWAYS had MY keys on him.
    So I finally made it to a neighbor’s house. I was hysterical but I felt incredibly free for the first time in a long time. I told the neighbor everything and I told her I REALLY needed her phone so I could call the police because I had just been assaulted.
    The police arrived at my neighbor’s house and I told them where my boyfriend was and how I was scared of him…
    They lead me back to the house, but my boyfriend took off in my car!
    They finally managed to track him down, but before arresting him for assaulting me (I had a fat lip, mind you) they gave him a chance to tell his side of the story.
    He said it was ME who attacked him!! He had some tiny scratch on his arm and claimed it was from me. The only thing I was guilty of was trying to push him off of me… He was over 200lbs and I was barely 100lbs. I was in shock. I questioned the police; “SO the next time this happens, I’m supposed to lay there and take my beating?? And not attempt to get him off of me?”
    They had no useful answer and basically said that because they weren’t there I could have very well assaulted him. He was over twice my size and had a previous record!
    The police then handcuffed me and arrested me for assault. I was in disbelief. I had called them for help and he somehow conned them into getting me arrested.
    My boyfriend was also arrested, but I was at the jail with him, feeling like I did something wrong.
    After this incident I went back to him. He somehow talked me into staying with him, even after he laughed about getting me arrested. This was not the first time he had been arrested for assaulting me. He slyly made a remark to me after the ordeal was over and we were both released and given court dates; “See, I told you if you ever got me arrested again, you’d be coming with me.”
    After that, I lost my faith in the police department, and received numerous beatings from my boyfriend following this incident, but I NEVER called law enforcement again because I figured he would just lie to them again and I would have another arrest on my record.


    May 4, 2010 at 3:47 am

  5. Dear God, I am SO THANKFUL I found your website!!!! I dont even know where to begin? too much to write. Im a very smart, very attractive 34yr old. I have been free from the Psychopath for 8 months(physically, but not mentally, as he still torments me thru smashing my tail lights, slashing my tires, telling friends I am now an ‘escort’ since leaving him, lurking on my Facebook page thru various means and messaging any men on my friends list that i have STD’s, a ‘loose’ vagina, that Im the worst sex he’s ever had, that my body is repulsive) These are ALL LIES. I knew I was making a mistake when I took him back after catching him cheating with multiple prostitutes he met online, as well as multiple women who worked at gas stations, retail stores, neighbors, etc. I am a Mkaeup Artist & held a great job at a large retail store. He cried and cried and cried when the shit hit the fan, and I had gotten into his emails and saw his various emails with prostitutes, and strangers that he had been having at the house for sex while I was at work. He flew across the country to California and went to a ‘sex rehab’ facility. He had the psychiatrist & counselors call me before he even arrived and tell me his sex addiction and violence can be cured with medication and therapy. When he got to the facility, he called crying, saying he KNEW he’d never cheat or hit me again, but if he checked in to the rehab, bad things would happen cause there were ‘alot of attractive women there’ who were already coming on to him really strong. He left the facility within 45minutes. He cried so much I thought he was sincere. I agreed to marry him and told him if he EVER hit me or cheated again, I would leave for good. After a year together, we married. I was so hopeful marriage would change him. It didnt. It made him WORSE. Now i was bound to him by a legal document. I was under his control physically and financially. He made me quit my job, which I had out of humiliation, because when I initially left him he put naked pictures of me on the windshields of all my coworkers ( I did press charges for that, he didnt show up to court and was found guilty) Well, 5 days after we got married, I caught him on and his response was to choke me, punch me in the face and fracture my nose. He then sped away. When he came back & saw I hadnt called the cops, he took the bloody towel and drove away again to dispose of the evidence. I knew I was in very big trouble and I felt so STUPID for believeing his lies of ‘changing forever’. I decided to buy voice activated recorders and leave them in various places in the house and in vehicles when 2 months later I came home and saw scratches down his back and smelled the scent of vagina on his face when I kissed him hello. I knew i needed solid proof so I could just leave and to make myself angry enough to never go back to him, no matter how much he would cry. Within ONE HOUR of the first day I had the recorders around, I caught him cheating. Within 7 days, I had so much appalling, disgusting recordings of him making dates with prostitutes, bank tellers, and having sex with some prostitute in our bed that i knew I was leaving for good. He had NO IDEA he was being recorded. I never changed my behavior, I continued to smile, kiss his ass, make him dinner and have sex with him. On the 7th day, when he told me he was ‘going to work for a few hours’ when I actually knew he had a date at a hotel with a hooker, I packed up everything and left w/ my daughter from a previous relationship. Total drama ensued from there, where he spent weeks trying to win me back. Meanwhile, within a few days of my leaving, he had moved in his ex girlfriend, who he had dumped when he met me.

    When he realized I wasnt coming back, and that I went to stay with my ex (who is very normal and very protective) he went on a MISSION TO RUIN MY LIFE:

    He called the FBI DAILY, saying I had committed Wire Tapping and Eaves Dropping by having voice activated recorders in my own home to catch him cheating. I wound spending 3 hours in the FBI Office with agents, explaining that I had never tapped his cell phones or the house phone, I just wanted to prove my husband was cheating so I could leave him. It was so nerve racking. He was pushing them daily to charge me with Federal Wire Tapping offenses and send me to prison. They never charged me, but I was TERRIFIED they would.

    He called Child Protective Services, he told them I was a drug addict, an alcoholic, that my daughter was ‘retarded and blind’ and I routinely abused her and neglected her and beat her. I was MORTIFIED. CPS came to my ex’s home and saw immediately the call was completely groundless. It was so humiliating nonetheless.

    He called the local police and said I tried to ‘extort’ him, when I was trying to negotiate spousal support with my attorney. I wound up at the local police station, being interviewed for 2 hours. I was so scared. Of course no charges were filed but it made me feel such anxiety.

    He sent naked pictures of me to all my family members cell phones, including my parents. At that point, I went to the police myself, and asked them to put a stop to it. They did force him to return my old cell phone, which he had hidden from me while we were married. However, he kept the Memory Chip. He still has intimate pics of me and threatens to ‘post them’ at any time on my Facebook page. The cops have made it clear to him if he does that, he will be charged.

    He drives pass my ex’s house where im STILL hiding out, 8 months later, and he still makes up lies about me, tries to humilate me, and He demanded and ‘annullment’ when I left him & wouldnt return. At first I said no, but then he filed for the annulment, forged my signature and convinced the 50yr old girlfriend that he had immediately moved in after I left, to pretend she was me for the ‘personal interview call’ needed to grant the annulment after the paperwork was forged. He told her they could ‘finally get married’ if she would do it. I initially fought the fraudulent annulment and got an attorney. But after a few weeks, everyone, including the lawyer, said ‘Just let the annulment stand. You need to be done with this Psychopath. Get him out fo your life’ so I did.

    I have finally repaired broken friendships and relationships that he destroyed by alienating me from loved ones during our relationship. I am still shell shocked and just when I start feeling normal, he does something else, out of the blue, to remind me he still hates me for leaving. He is a Total PSYCHOPATH. constantly lying, sex addiction, emotional abuse, physical abuse, delusions of Grandeur, criminal behavior, cruelty to animals.

    He is still beating the new fiance, shes a full blown alcoholic now, he is still cheating on her constantly, her family has disowned her and she has not a single a friend left. The most peaceful time she probably ever had was when he dumped her like a hot potato the second he met me. I would have died if I stayed there. He was talking about getting life insurance policies on my daughter and I not long after we were married. His last message that he relayed to his family member 3 days ago about me was “Before I die, I will be smiling while I look into her eyes, and choking her to a slow death’

    Jesus Christ. Psychopaths seem to never quit. Im still healing but he still tries to ruin my life, when I left HIM FOR CHEATING ON ME AND HITTING ME.



    March 1, 2011 at 7:02 pm

  6. Psychopaths need to be held accountable for their actions. Accousers that demonstrate psychopathic behavior, should be required to undergo psychicatric testing. If someone is being accoused of a serious crime and they think nothing of putting them in jail or prison based on this, then that alone should be reason to justify the testing of the accouser. Psychopaths should face serious consequences for false accusations, false police reports, etc.


    April 3, 2011 at 5:30 pm

  7. Hi,
    I want to thank you for a place to talk about this problem. Thank you to everyone here for being strong. It has given some peace. I do not expect help but if there is a way I would be very grateful.
    I am at wits end and want help but I cannot prove anything. There has been a horrible chain of events that has happened in my life that I am unable to prove. I have a mental disability. I had a doctor who diagnosed me incorrectly and refused to take into account that 1) I was going through puberty 2)I have severe problems with my period. I do what I can and barely made it out of there. Since that time I had people trying to blame me of drug addictions, violence, racism, thievery and trying to pull a bunch of religious hate type crimes against me. Neighbors warned the business community about their fantasy of what I am and I had to bus an hour out of the town I lived in just to find a job. Due to rumors I was never able to keep a job for long and was blamed for stealing or other things. Add to this the physical and mental problems I have and I was desperate for a job I could even function at. My parents kicked me out not understanding at the time that I was doing my best. I met a man who told me he could help me get a job in art and sold me to a woman in another state to be a housemaid and run errands for. I am very very lucky I didn’t wind up in the sex trade although this guy wanted me to nude model for a photographer. I lived in fear there, was threatened and this woman did illegal drugs claiming it helped her with her problems with MS and Cancer. I was terrified of being arrested because I lived in the same house. I met a guy who I fell for who got me out of there. He was a policeman’s son. He was verbally, mentally and physically violent to me for 6 years. He was nice then mean, apologizing and then freaking out on me. One day I asked him to borrow $10 to get gas in my car. He lashed out at me and then locked himself in the bedroom and called the cops on me saying I attacked him. Lucky for me the police realized that he was incorrect and left. I got away from him and met the love of my life. He is younger than me and he was of Legal Age when we met. A large group of people have been trying to have me arrested for him being underage when He Never Was Underage! His family knows and likes me my family know and like him. I am very poor and had to move back with my parents. The now understand my illnesses much better. We worked through a lot of what was taken from us due to my disability. I got a part time job and then suddenly a group of people started spreading rumors about Their Sick Fantasy of me being ‘after young boys’ My sweetheart is 28! The only reason we are not married yet is due to money concerns. We both are disabled and he still does not have gov. approval. He still has to depend on his parents as I do! I was assaulted at work and everyone kept silent. I worked hard for people the best I could. I was then called a racist, a liar, and there were rumors all over town. I believe that the people who kidnapped me are responsible for this that maybe they are retaliating? I need help and no one believes me that I am getting harassed. People have gone through my stuff looking for ‘evidence of drugs’ I take medication for my illness. I do not do illegal anything. I do not drink. I had old friends call me up asking if I am selling my medication. Someone at work reported me for cheating on disability. Disability KNOWS I ALWAYS REPORT TO THEM WHEN I TRY TO WORK. Then some woman who says she is a friend started trying to get me to admit the doctor from 27 years ago was right! I have family and friends to prove that is not the case. It is like if I do not accept the wrong label and wrong medication I am being resistant to therapy? Every little thing I do is suddenly a ‘symptom’. I am tired of these people. People have been acting like they are going to audit me for tax fraud. I am not sure who all is doing this but I wouldn’t be surprised if some spoiled little politician is trying to scare me off my benefits. Things have been stolen from my room and my parents deny it. These people from work are friends with media I get followed. People tried to say I’m a terrorist. How do I even get help? I can’t prove anything. I have been threatened to leave my boyfriend we love each other but poverty forces us to live 6 hours away from each other. My parents helped me out by getting me a car so I can go stay with him from time to time. Now whenever I leave the house people yell and scream at me in public have convinced other people that I am a racist, dangerous, and crazy. I am afraid for my life and no longer leave to go outside alone. Sadly my job was at a public art center. I have been so terrified I can no longer do any art. I continue to try and pray for peace so I can have the courage to go back to that art center and take classes. It hurts to much to think of, because I loved that job and everyone there only to find out they enjoyed making up lies to ruin me. I hope that somehow I can find out who started this. I still do not know. I hope I can be protected and have the same rights as everyone else one day. So far I’ve never experienced that yet.


    May 28, 2011 at 10:15 pm

  8. I am divorcing a man who has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). He (among many, many things) has falsely tried to sic Child Protective Services on me. Lucklily (thank God), it didn’t work. If anyone can identify with these stories, do a search for Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or Antisocial Personality Disorder. There are online support groups. Read some of their stories. You can read the clinical description, but until you read stories that explain how this behavior translates into real life, it’s hard to understand. God bless and keep you all.


    July 26, 2011 at 5:51 pm

  9. the sociopath i was involved with took me to a friend of his miles away from where i lived got me drunk and then punched me in the face and left me there because apparently i was flirting i was left walking the streets and the police picked me up and arrested me for being drunk and disorderly. the next day he took me to the police station to report the incident of being punched letting me think his friend had punched me and i got arrested again i had to go to court twice and i was given a 12 months probation. it was only after that that he told me it was him that hit me.


    September 14, 2011 at 12:50 pm

  10. oh and after the above incident when i tried to leave him he stalked me for almost a year and i had to move home because of it. he was taken to court but i dont no what happend as i wasnt told


    September 14, 2011 at 12:52 pm

  11. In the year 1992 or 1993 I was arrested on a report by the man I was divorcing, Donald B. Sams. It is a long story with ramifications that affected me for years and is still affecting me. Donald was a pathological liar who was good at showing acting abilities along with his lies. This happened in Pocatello Idaho. Abuser’s are masters at having you arrested.

    Rena S. Mitchell

    September 14, 2011 at 5:29 pm

  12. Hi Guys,

    I Completely Empathise & Sympathise with what You went through & Everyone Else Who’s been in the Twilight zone ….

    For the Ladies, if it’s Any Consolation the Fee-Male Malignant-Sociopath is Every bit as bad, if not “worse” …. eg After Being “Understanding” about a Dozen crimes She’d committed against Me, every time I tried to Say Goodbye, “from A Safe Distance” She revealed some new crime She’d committed …. eg Having made a copy of My door-key, having Hacked My computer & so on ….

    Finally, after Giving Her Every Opportunity to Mend Her ways, I had to Expose Her on My off-shore server, to SAVE Anyone Else from suffering at Her “dangerously” CRUEL Hands …. My Server gets past UK & US Identity-Rights laws ….

    But no-sooner had it gone Up than She “instantly” had “Me” arrested & jailed for the Night & I appear in Court in a few Months ….

    Malignant Psychopaths are “fearless” & Ordinary People simply can’t Believe Anyone could lie pathologically & charmingly, especially if They use “Ted Bundy’s Pity-Play” …. So the Police Believed Her & Thought “I” was a mad-man …. (I hadn’t Employed A Lawyer, which They took full advantage of “belligerently” ….)

    COUNTLESS Men in the US & UK are being Jailed because Fee-Male Malignant-Sociopaths are having Them arrested for the heinous crime of “TYPING” The TRUTH about Them !!!! …. ie “facism” & deMORALisation of Society, by the Malignant-Sociopaths on-high’s imbecilic “MALICIOUS” intent ….

    Incidentally having You falsely arrested is a CRIME & You can have Them arrested for “malicious arrest” & perverting the Course of Justice, etc ….

    It doesn’t Help though when the Arresting Officers have the Malignant Narcissists Hand up Their Backside working Them or ARE Sociopaths Themselves …. Moreover, when They’re ALL in it Together & the Public aren’t AWARE of This FACT …. ie The Criminal Justice serves “criminals” :-

    You’ll find The Whole Story I Wrote, a few Days BEFORE I was arrested, in the “Vault of Guilt” on My Website

    P.S. SMILE & You “Win” the “game” only They’re playing & REMEMBER You KNOW The Meaning of Life because You Can FEEL It, They can’t because They’re Mentally-handicapped across the Entire Front of Their Brain …. Simply “Being” Them is Infinitely more punishment than Anything You or I could ever mete out to Them & what Goes around Definitely Comes around ….

    Kind regards,


    February 1, 2012 at 8:55 pm

  13. Hello
    I have been a victim of a psychopath, my father. He was always strange =
    and controlling, but when I turned 18 is when I noticed that I should =
    not be pushed around or controlled. I should have ran as fast as I =
    could, but instead I went to College, I wanted a better life for myself. =
    In my third year of College I had a nervous breakdown and attempted =
    suicide. I quit college, I was in really bad shape and could’t pick =
    myself up. Since than his abuse towards me continued, he attacked me =
    physically, locked the bathtub so I could’t take baths. He followed me =
    overseas to put me in a psychiatric institution (SUCCESSFULLY). He asked =
    my doctor for diagnosis papers without my conscent, and called the cops, =
    when I tried to leave the apartment he tackled me in front of my family, =
    nearly strangling me. When they arrived he told them that I am a danger =
    to myself and that I need to be hospitalized ( my family by the way was =
    terrified they did not even say anything when they came,I hated them for =
    not saying what really happened and I don’t really want to see them =
    again, but I know that they were affraid, he is just that big of a =
    psychopath). Eventually I ran out of money, and could’t find a job so =
    two years later I came back. Shortly after he attacked me physically =
    again for turning the light on in the kitchen when he felt like me =
    sitting in the kitchen with it off, few days later I was laying in my =
    room, I was not really getting better knowing I am stuck in a house with =
    a psychopath I got a knock on my bedroom door, two cops came to take me =
    to a psychiatric hospital, he called them and said that I attacked him. =
    He is also a complete schizofrenic. He is paranoid and dilusional. I =
    wonder everyday how did I get stuck here for this long? it is so hard to =
    pick yourself up when you have been bitten down to the ground and abused =
    by a psychopath for a long period of time.=20
    I hope he pays for who he is one day. I am going overseas again, this =
    time for longer. I found this article, and instantly felt like sharing =


    April 25, 2012 at 3:26 am

  14. I will write an email….the minute I have one moment where I am not fighting for my daughters life via a legal system that allows anyone to sue anyone ( as long as they have an attorney) and therefore by law you must defend yourself. By law you must answer anyone via a very costly legal system who attacks you using it. It is a BIG FAT LIE that you can defend yourself in a court of law PER SE, except for small claims. Everyone is better off right now buying legal insurance ( can u believe that shit actually exists?) over health insurance. In fact, the next time you negotiate your salery or increase demand an extensive coverage for legal services.


    August 29, 2012 at 4:57 am

  15. I met a psychopath in New Orleans a few months after Katrina. He came there from Florida to try to scam for disaster assistance. While there, he committed various crimes, all of which I was unaware of. I was even unaware that when I left the state with him I was traveling with a criminal running from the legal authorities of Louisiana. His history is so full of violence and theft from coast to coast that there is absolutely no doubt that he is a psychopath. He had gotten HiV in Florida, and he continues to this day to not tell partners. His mom had a houseful of elderly people almost imprisoned under her direct control while she sucked them out of money and foodstamps. I was in various legal situations wiith both the mom and the son where the police would believe them over me….despite the fact that the son has all these issues. What normal person has a horde of elderly people as personal money cows? They are masters of persuasion, but wouldn’t you think that it would take a heck of a lot more than persuasion to cover up a lifetime of lies, and criminal records???? Are police and judges dumb? Or are they the same type of people?


    October 4, 2012 at 1:08 am


    Pamela Glotzbach

    October 4, 2012 at 2:53 pm

  17. My narc. phycopath ex husband called the Police on his ex-wife on many occasions. Got her committed to a mental hosptial before she got him arrested for anal rape.
    When we got married and threw him out for cheating with other woman.
    Him and his daughter called the Police and told them I was a crazy alcholic and drug taker lol.
    Then when he left after find a new dupe and me finding them together, he went to the local Police Station and accused me of assaulting both him and his new woman.
    Thje Police didn’nt believe him because of his long criminal record, thankgoodness.
    His has tried to turn my children, friends and family against me with his awful smear campaign against me.
    I can’nt understand these people.
    They are crazy and beyond help.
    Any body elese experience the same thing.


    December 22, 2012 at 11:36 pm

  18. Yes, Connie, and it’s happening more and more to people, unfortunately the sociopath and the psychopath which are two very different yet simultaneously dangerous personality disorders are rapidly increasing at a rate that is frightening.
    The psychopath, can get caught, for thier personality disorder is in thier actions so they end up with a rap sheet. The worse though is the sociopath. The sociopath I believe is a genetic disorder that has been bred and thus the rapidly increasing amount of them. They are the most dangerous. For they are not obvious. Google both for the difference in thier disorders.
    I will continue with my story in the next comment, I want to be sure that I have signed in correctly first


    February 9, 2013 at 2:04 pm

  19. I am a 4.0 student with a BS in Anatomy and Physiology, but only recently. Hindsight isn’t foresight UNLESS YOU USE IT.
    I was born and raised in Chamblee Georgia. My legal womb who is legally called a mother is a psychopath, but her father was a Sociopath and so is her living brother. They no longer speak. There was another brother, the eldest who was NOT born with either gene…in fact thier mother, wasn’t either. She was a southern lady, a beautiful woman, who was constantly emotionally, mentally, physically and sexually abused by her husband…but she was a quiet lady. My oldest uncle, the one who was not born with either gene,stood up against his father, he was a golden gloves champion boxer, and against his father’s wishes, went to college, learned 16 dialects of the Vietnamese language, and on his way to Vietnam to be the main translator for the peace talks…was killed in a car crash in California. When they found his body, his hair had gone from dark brown to solid white. My grandmother, his mother…then commited suicide with an overdose. I know now why, because she knew that she was now surrounded by those who would kill her anyway. My womb parent, was 26 years old, I was 4 years old, but I will never forget being raised up to look at my lovely beautiful grandmother so young, in her coffin, and I remember seeing nothing but peace. I now know that she made the right choice.
    My womb parent by then, had left and was in the process of a divorce from a psychopathic husband, so we were back in Georgia. I had a younger sister sibling who got the psychopathic gene, but for some reason I was like my Uncle Billy that died, I did not.
    My sociopathic grandfather had a 6th grade education, came from a family of 14 living children. His mother nursed her children, some until they were 10 or 11 years old. Two siblings were lovers forever. It was an accepted but not spoken about thing, and they lived with thier mother and father, who both lived past 100 years old and stayed in that home until they died. They were “poor white trash” as it was called in those days. Sociopaths are geniuses, that is one of thier traits. My womb parent’s father, R. Pierce Chatham, built half the city of Atlanta, once was written up in Atlanta Magazine as the most ruthless businessman in the city, and he was “proud of it”. Even recently I ran into some people who remembered thier father’s business dealings..he was known as Cheat em Chatham. Do NOT confuse this man with the other cousins, the Chathams are all in the building industry. I know nothing about them and I am not naming them. He built Toco Hills, practically all of Buckhaven, he was in the comercial industry and he built the first of it’s kind in Atlanta, a high rise luxery apartment complex which name has changed but is at the corner of Lindbergh and Peachtree Street. He lived in the Pentouse top floor, taking up two of the 8 apartments on that floor. His mistress who was his secretary (my womb paren’ts mother was constantly flaunted this in public) lived one floor down on the opposite side of the building. My grandfather paid for her apartment and expenses. She had three daughters from two seperate divorces…and had to rely upon him for income. Back then, and even now all women who are in desperate situations and are good mothers will and if push should come to shove, do even horrible things if they must to help save thier children. This woman ended up saving me and my little sister, from the sexual abuse that I was subjected to from my maternal “Grandaddy” for over a year. But she paid the ultimate price for it. He made sure of that in the end. I will forever be greatful to her. Her name was “Aunt Janet”.My womb mother, Sanda Louise Bedingfield who currently resides as a main resident in Juno Beach, Florida with her third “winner” of a sick husband, Ceasar Vincent Malatera, a three tour Vietnam Vet..who never got help for his hate and in the end, he is the one who at the end of this sad story, will be the one who got my little girl. They also have a cabin in Suchess, Georgia.
    I thought all my life, until my thirties that everyone couldn’t remember much at all about thier entire chidhood…years and years were missing but I thought that was normal. It was when I turned thirty that I started having “memories” of the sick, abuse that I was subjected to and I thought I was going insane…I thought I was crazy but thank God for the girlfriend network, for it was finally being “talked about” not hushed up (dirty dirty secrets)…and I was led to therapy where I worked for two years every week, at a place that you could “pay what you could afford, however pay you must” and I did… even if it meant not eating for a few days, you are damn sure that I went every week, working with a book called a Courage to Heal. Unfortunately however, even that didn’t keep me from marrying what I was raised with, another Sociopath.
    To recover the sick memories, that are forcing thier way through, because that is what always happens…is an emotional hell, but that is why it takes courage and courage I do have. The only way children who are traumatically abused can survive is to bury thier memory of the night before. How else can they sit down and eat thier cereal with thier “mother” or “grandaddy”? I always had a good nature, a sweet nature but even as a child I would courageously try to stop my mother from beating my sister, although I knew I would pay for that. In my memory recovery, here are some of the sick things that a psychopath does…she rages…in the south, the attitude back then was “spare the rod, spoil the child” and my mother took that to some very creative levels. I always had to pick a switch, pretty much every day…I don’t remember when I didn’t actually when she was around. If the switch broke, then you would have to pick another. I remember her face, she relished this …loved it…watching me cry (I was so so little…) going to the woods to bring back a fierce long switch for I knew what she wanted…and she would sit there and peel the leaves, one by one, leaving a few at the end for the final sting…watching my face with that same sick smile my maternal grandfather had. My legs were always always, cut ,scrapped and bleeding…there isn’t one picture with my legs showing that doesn’t show that, but most of my pictures were taken when I had “stockings on”. She brags to this day, laughing, how she loved the ballons on sticks…because when the ballons would pop, she had ammo on top of the fridge. She always used some sort of weapon…so she could release her rages without hurting herself…belts with the buckle sides, coat hangers that she straightened…and I hated when she called me in to “brush my hair” for it was always so hard, that I cried and that was the signal she was looking for, to then beat me with the brush…anywhere and everywhere. But, I learned that if I could make her laugh? I got out of the punishment. To this day I have a wonderful sense of humor, it’s a bit dark and twisted now, but it is still there…that is how I am still alive now….there is also the worst one, the “closet” one that I can’t really remember if it was for many days straight or just many days …seperate. She would shove me into her closet full of the most beautiful clothes, and lock it. In the dark, I remember crying, I’m so sorry Mommy ..please Mommy…until …I fell asleep but then was always woken abruptly, lights on, being pulled out of the closet just to be beaten and kicked and shoved back in. I remember the smell of urine and feces and the taste of blood…but that’s all I can remember ….

    I am the one who had the courage not to save myself from my grandfather, but when he came after my little sister? We always had to sleep with him in his king sized bed…, I awoke hearing her crying and he was trying to…do something…I kicked him in the face hard, grabbed my little sister and ran like hell, down the stairs to Aunt Janet’s door…it was late and I was pounding and ringing and right before he came around the corner she opened the door and looked at us and said, “Pammy? what in the world is….then she looked up and she saw my grandfather behind me. I remember him saying, “Now Janet”…and she interrupted him, telling Deborah and I to go inside with her teenage girls, Deborah ran, but I stood and hid and listened…she just flowed like water…”Pierce darling, she just had a bad dream, and needed her Mommy is all, Let them stay with us girls, and I will bring them home in the morning…” God that woman was brilliant and smooth…he left then. I remember watching her smile and kiss him, close the door and lean back against the door, in a daze…then tears started pooring down her face…so I ran to her and hugged her…but she then put on a brave face and said “Pammy, I need a cocktail and go in there like I told you with the girls and behave damn it.!”
    My mother KNEW when she dropped us off almost every weekend so she could go out with some guy, what he was doing…but he gave her a good paycheck to live on and a home so, she wasn’t going to bother worrying herself about what was going on.
    But that wonderful poor woman our “Aunt Janet”? She made sure from that moment on that whenever we had to spend the night with grandaddy that one of the girls would come over to get us to “go to the movies…and then she’d call him and say, Pierce honey? they just passed right out on the couch…” eventually the routine was we never had to go to stay there with him again. But a few years later, he cut her off cold, fired her , made her leave her apartment and to this day, I do not know what happened to them.

    I will write this story in segments as I can for the ending is now and it the end of my life, I am dying of cancer and I know this cancer came because of the stress of trying desperately to save my little girl in a legal system, not a justice system. our legal system, especially the arena of “domestics” which is wide open and is 90% full of nothing BUT psychopaths and sociopaths, lawyers, judges,DEFINITLY POICEMAN – {God they are the worse psychopaths and in the last 5 years, there are no more who “protect and serve” they only “attack and abuse”} “wards of the courts” . God Forbid you should ever be a Mommy Pro Se who is trying to protect her child against a man who is hurting your little girl and by not paying his child support, has the money for attorney’s. Especially a sociopath. The attorney’s that are in the domestic system, if they are decent people? Quickly have to get out. The rest of them are nothing but sociopaths and psychopaths. Daddy’s that are Pro Se are covered…that’s the way it is in Georgia.(The laws are written for men in the state of Georgia but the story that is ending my life, has taken place in the Dekalb County Supreme Court) I say 90% because I have been all over that place for 20 months…and I have met a few caring, and very concerned people, who desperatly did what they could to help, but they cannot help for there are too few. I’m tired now, to be continued…
    Kayly’s Mom
    Pamela Glotzbach


    February 9, 2013 at 3:49 pm

  20. Pamela,
    I hope writing about this helps you purge yourself of these experiences. Carrying this while sick is not beneficial.

    I do have some comments. I feel your Mom has a highly receptive nature…as do all women, and she absorbed so much of the emanations of the psychopaths she grew up with. That, in turn, caused the inner hardness that women usually are born with, to be unleashed against those around her.

    I do understand the comments you made about the corruption in the South. I think it’s a universal phenomenon, but I feel people in other parts of the country love to vilify the region (projecting their own shadow in order to deflect from themselves). I find Judges, lawyers and police everywhere to be somewhat psychopathic…no doubt about it If you put someone pure and true in front of them, they would hate and destroy them out of envy.
    Now in the South, the construction industry is really the second best thing to organized crime, and also there are such elements in all parts of the society that if you ever had to protest an injustice, be careful of who you’re talking to! lol So, i guess i’m trying to say that according to my experience that the South is a little more criminally organized, but a bit more upfront with it. In other parts of the country, I’ve run across the same kinds of people but they have far better fronts…I think they even have themselves fooled. Ha!

    Pamela, one of my biggest problems is that i see people for what they really are. I’ve had a lot of experience learning from the best masters of disguise. Funny how they know that you know.

    Somehow, I hope you find some seclusion so you can gather some strength to heal. In the coming days, i’m getting all people who bring me nonsense out of my life so I can recharge. Try to make these people in the past permanently dead to you including the ones who are still alive. Just thinking of them brings their emanations into you, and I think you need the space for healing.


    February 9, 2013 at 6:14 pm

  21. Thank you Phillip, I guess my segment story telling is my life and my love growing up southern…

    I’m sad to hear that what I thought to be true, that it’s all over …rampid like the plague …although no you are sadly mistaken…

    the southern good ole’ boys are dying or retiring and in thier place are the onus sick attorneys turned Judges…from the big 10 schools…

    they even see saying Yes Ma’am and No Sir as disrespectul…and stupid…

    but I am practicing a neutral feeling when I go about my day…and yes they are so dead to me…but if I catch myself thinking about them straight into pain/anger/rage…..I am now at least AWARE which is the first step to change, and I go NEUTRAL…then go back to what I was trying to do which right now? is just trying to stop the whole from getting bigger and me getting smaller…(as in onus on me, onus on the fact that in order to now get a job – no matter my amazing resume, credit checks make it impossible)…I really believe that running up your debt is something you should pay back for otherwise it’s stealing but the companies won’t wait and work with me …and unfortunately/ or rather fortunately a company that really wanted to hire me, begged me to get a bankruptcy so I would hit the credit score and they could review me again in a year…)
    I ran up those debts because of lying lawyers, the ex not paying child support, and the hunt…began…any mother would do this, or more and I did …to protect her but my $9,000 compared to his/thier (yep my parents too) $72,000.00 made me pro se…
    and well I will get to that part of the storry in the next segment…

    One thing though Phillip, is that I have thought of dying so many times or killing them so many times but no way could I ever do either…thinking is one thing, doing is quite another (although some friends of mine want….but the worst thing that happened , was that I lost my faith…in God (whatever that is) I never define..

    and I have finally realized why…

    when I finally left home, I went up from there..and soared like an eagle…to higher and higher hieghts and giving and giving more to this city in the way of being able to create excellent work for all types of artists but mostly actors (triple threats etc..)…I did something good, and I loved gardening and I was connected in a way that I can only describe as flow…

    BUT , I still married a damn sociopath, and that led to the spiral downfall that took me to this place…

    at my most darkest hour…(for I WILL NOT and REFUSE to become an ONUS to society or anyone) I was literally going to be leaving that night , not to return for so so much to be able to have to get out of , seemed impossible but I prayed…and sought…

    and answers to answers to a revelation to another answer over the weeks that followed led me to my real answer…

    first through Ephesians 6:10- 20…( I love great writers and there are some amazing writers in the bible), and those verses I read every day to put on my armor and stand UP…for “I am chained in the Lord’s word, and I pray for the words to come to me that I may speak BOLDLY the word of God (the truth)…

    God, Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha, the Hindus, “so caled pagens”, etc…all whose intension is the same…I honor…I do not think nor believe that God cares what you call him, as long as you call her..or it..or all…actually…

    so thank you Phillip, for you also reminded me I need to start on the next section…

    yet today is smothered in “get er done” sell it off, pack it up for my daughter, all her little notes and journals that I’ve written letter to her..even when I didn’t know she was a she, I was writing to my child…all her photos, all the things that I know one day when she is of legal age she will get…regardless if I make it or’s important for her to have enough of ALL the real correspondence and such so that she knows why Mommy hasn’t been able to keep her promise, that he would not get her…

    I pray that I can just live so I can be there for she is my daughter…and she will one day buck them (he apparently got married to another stupid woman) and my daughter hasn’t been able to see or talk to me, although of course that is against the law, but no attorney? no dice…the end…

    Did you hear about the case last night in Fulton County about the judge on the custody case for that very famous singer…(ugh that damn ADHD…) oh! Usher! yes, and the ex wife’s attorney went after the judge, for Usher bribing her…to get allected…and she dropped his case…now all these other women are so happy for they too want off her list..

    all single parents with sick bastard ex husbands usually end up facing this and loosing because the money to be made in the area of Domestics in the legal system is way way way too much for the pschopath attorneys to resist…there are no good decent attorneys in there, for the quit right away…leaving lyer lawyers that …get this, actually pat themselves on the back and vote (yea right, I think pay is more likely) to be a SUPER LAWYER in a magazine called that….

    wtf???? Super Lawyer???

    If they were so fucking smart they sure wouldn’t want the onus of that…

    Here’s how Super Man and Super woman , the comics got started…

    Nietche’ the famous german philosopher so often mistunderstood at the time of his writings but he sure hit the head on the nail when history came to pass…

    after WWI was over but WW2 was starting, Hitler used one of Nietche’s lectures…that basically said it would take some type of super being to save ourselves..

    So Hitler, used Nietche’s own words to create the SUPER RACE of perfect humans…the tall, blond whatevers and also giving him the reason to annilate over 6 million people …

    I think he succeded with creating that sick race for we are seeing those Super Races now, in the children of those from that era from Germany and they are all lawyers…

    funny thing is the jews and the black lawyers are the main ones calling themselves the Super Lawyers …

    the comic book in the begining was to support Hitler’s idealism of annialting those who were inferior so as to not spread thier genes and to breed a buttload of blond blue eyed tall germans …

    anyway, these so called Super Lawyers are in every industry, and they are bragging about being a part of Hitler’s idea…i think that is “poetic justice” don’t you?

    I’d love to find someone to work with (I have a very dark and twisty sense of humor, which I contribute to being about to get through all this)…on a graphic novel called Super Lawyer…and literally take articles about some of these attornies and show them in thier real I do are but I have no cartoon, comic type of art talent…

    let me know if you ever find someone interested enough in wanting to draw the graphic novel with me…

    would ya? that would set a few Super idiots down a notch I think..dont you?

    Didnt these people attend 8 years of school? Didn’t they have to study philosophy???

    apparently not…huh…

    thanks for writing..btw what state or country are you in?



    February 11, 2013 at 2:42 pm

  22. Pamela,

    I hear what you are saying loud and clear about lawyers. I stay clear of them if at all possible. I remember when my sister died, and how a squatter sat in her house without paying rent for a year. I couldn’t get him evicted. The next door neighbors were even in league with the crook. It was a townhouse and they owned 50% of the house and we owned the other. Anyways, I ended up having to drive from Mississippi where I’m from, to Nashville to go to court.

    I drove 6 hours in tornado like conditions and could hardly even see how the road. And once I arrived in Nashville at the court house, tired and exhausted, the lawyer told me that “I should just drop the case….that the squatter would eventually leave on his own.” LOL I knew that was B.S. and so I went on to court on my own. The judge who was a female was more receptive to the psycho than to me until I pulled out enough proof to make her look like a fool. I had the feeling that she only helped me because there was no way she could look good if she didn’t.

    Also, meanwhile back at home the other attorney was prolonging the estate being settled while racking up charges for every conceivable thing.

    I live in Maine now after going across the country with a psychopath and ending up here.
    I had numerous problems with police and judges actually helping the psycho against me, and i came to realize like it says in the Bible that people who live shameful life’s have to hide from the truth and will shun it. I call it the new Global Pandemic: running from the truth! Prognosis: not good.

    Even though I have come to these new realizations, for my own sake, i have to not indulge myself in the story of it constantly which is no easy matter, but it’s necessary for me to attempt to live life as usual even though i know my experience of life has changed.

    It’s good to try to let go of the story we create about those terrible events. It’s bad enough it happened in the first place, it’s even worse to have to mentally relive it over and over.
    just do the best you can and try to be compassionate with yourself.


    February 11, 2013 at 4:01 pm

  23. Well, do you think, BTW…LOVE YOUR CANDID HONESTY…and I want your opinion, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to take it, BUT…do you think that by telling the real story here , in segments, that I can handle, would make me focus, aka GIVE more energy to the EVIL / DARK side vs…just not telling the rest of it? Cause I don’t think a lot of people find this site and you seem to be the only one reading it…and I’m only writing it to help others understand how really BAD things were then and how REALLY fucked up they got…

    My ex had me literally police brutalized by a psychopath and two Grady psychopath ambulance drivers apparently OD’d me…all for the ability to use in the Domestic Courtroom…what’s so sick? Is that NONE of these people care about these children…the attorney’s don’t even look at them or when I asked OVER and OVER again for my daughter to be represented by a court appointed atty, they ignored or denied the request?

    Should we mommy’s just start right off the bat, learning how to use a gun and just shoot the fuckers?

    I mean really, like all of them…? (sorry, it’s my dark and twisty humor at work again…)

    I do have a great friend, who unfortunately his Dad commited suicide when he was 24…and he’s now finally starting to see why some people wook…(I live here now so he SEES what’s happened to me…I’m literally scared for life and my daughter will end up that way too)…so now he’s saying, Okay, okay I get it if someone wants to take thier own life , but what I don’t get? Is why don’t they take a couple of the bad fuckers with them????

    There is something to that, ya know???

    That’s our way of dealing with such sadness in our lives, my friend Burr and I. Dark and twisty humor sure beatst the alternative…..


    here’s a poem, that I wrote to use once I can get the energy to start speaking again (note positive twist on when not if?)

    Owning It – spoken word


    IS A LIE
    It’s called – LIABILITY

    PROART – TODAY 10/08/12


    February 11, 2013 at 4:23 pm

  24. I’m currently living thru a maze or stuck in quicksand I’m being manipulated by my live in girlfriend whose pregnant now has a 3yr old together + my 2 oldest g&b. Now I’ve tried to get help thru counseling they’ve ignored mine and the eldest kids concerns and have re victimized myself and kids as a whole even the affect it’s having as they’ve even said is effecting our sons behavior attested by iep program I was told if they had any concerns of abuse or something I would be warned thereof last week Cfs alleged a report of abuse and now I don’t trust neither therapy nor gf what do I do?


    March 28, 2013 at 4:01 pm

  25. I don’t know all the details of your situation, but judging from my own experiences when you are dealing with a psychopath…. their mind is so strongly negative and manipulative that they make other people’s minds become like fillings around a magnet. They almost hypnotize and brainwash the people they come in contact with. The only people I think who are immune to that are people with strong minds who live in the truth. Others who only can pick up the frequency of untruth become their sycophants, followers, and believers. Unfortunately I place the vast m My advice: the only solution is to get away from them. They are the most unreconstructible of all people. There is no hope of change for them.
    I suggest documenting whatever you can to cover your own A.. Keep a email or online blog where events are documented. It might make you feel more secure. I don’t think anyone else will have your back.


    March 28, 2013 at 5:52 pm

  26. My father is a psychopath and would love to have me arrested. He physically beat my brother and me when we were children. He would even kick down doors if we ran and locked ourselves in a room. My brother ran away from home one time and another time called the police on him but he managed to talk his way out of it. He verbally and psychologically abused us and my mother (he still does this to my mother to this day). Since I am an adult he wouldn’t try to lay a finger on me. However, that doesn’t prevent him with his verbal and psychological abuse. He aims to provoke me and openly tells me to assault him. He hoped this would let him call the police and have me arrested (he told me he would) and charged and ruin my reputation and career. When I wouldn’t do it, he simply decided to tell lies and tell my whole family I had assaulted him anyway and that I continually threaten him. He tells me he is going to hire some people to attack me. He is absolute scum. I now refuse to even be in his presence, he is a dangerous individual. Unfortunately, my mother has her own issues, among them co-dependence and has been so traumatized that she minimizes his behavior and is in denial.


    May 17, 2013 at 10:42 pm

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    August 2, 2013 at 8:12 pm

  29. Responding to the post if we were or almost were arrested when involved with a psychopath. YES! I was (unknown at the time) married to one for ten years! One of the several things he did to me after I left was file a police report, a miscellaneous incident, that I had robbed his home. Needed to say, he didn’t report it as a crime. My ex was a police detective. He twice used the law to try and hurt me, among other things. I should send in my story. It’s been suggested to me that I write a book. Maybe I should!


    August 26, 2013 at 8:25 pm

  30. I was trying to leave my ex boyfriend when falsely accused me of stabbing him with a fork. This man has told me on several occasions if I wanted him out of my life I’d have to kill him. He was trying so hard the night before to get me to hit him. He said he wanted me to physically hurt him as much as he had emotionally hurt me. I wouldn’t do it I just wanted to leave to move on from him and to go our separate ways…. he wouldn’t have it. He left the house nd then next thing I know the cops show up and I’m getting arrested for something I didn’t do. For something had I done this man would’ve beat me for. I’m facing court next week and I’m scared to death about what other types of evidence he has fabricated.


    October 5, 2013 at 1:30 pm

  31. Autumn,
    Try as hard as possible to not allow a thought of him to be in your head. If you have to, divert your thinking with mantra or prayer. The reason I say this is that people like this want your power, and they way they get it is to throw you off center by threats, fear, intimidation, lies, and sometimes force which normally get people in a emotionally reactive state. And when people feel overwhelmed with emotions they feel a lack of control and disempowerment….in effect giving the power to the person who wants to steal it. You can find peace one day regardless of whatever evidence he fabricates or whoever he successfully uses to manipulate you like a court of law, however he will never find peace and wholeness. That is the strength of your position, and if you can keep that in mind, you will weather any storm.


    October 5, 2013 at 1:50 pm

  32. i was married to a psychopath for four years and i had no idea but always knew there was something not right about this man. But the way he gave me so much attention and i was on a natural high i married him a month after we met and for months we were on our honeymoon then he started with the verbal abuse and i would not let him talk to me that way so i became verbal abusive as well and he was attacking my ego and i would not stop attacking him cause i was the one that was supporting both of us and he wanted control or respect that i told him is for me not him cause how can u control me when u can’t control your own life. then things started to change and the love of my love was talking bad about me to my family and friends and i was shocked because not only was he my lover but my best friend still not knowing he was a Psychopath. He hurt 2 friends of mine at two different occasions and both were in a coma and survived and his reason for doing this he blamed them and by the way he never took any responsibility and i got the blame for everything but his verbal abuse didn’t bother me because he would start and i would be going and destroy the day and sometimes drag it till the next day. alot of times i would just let him blame me and just laugh because i thought to myself this guy must be sick in the head to think i believe his crap and as time went on phycial abuse of course was going on and its because he wanted control and wanted me to run my business the way he said because my way which worked well was not good enough. so i left him for like six months but continued to see him until i let him move in and thats when i saw something in me that gave me chills up my spine. he was starting to destroy and steal and tried to get me in trouble by leaving drugs large amounts around the house and just before he was going to get me in trouble his plan backfired because he ended up assulting his boss and thats when he took off and i never saw him again. he was in the middle of telling me he was going to tell the cops i was a drug dealer and all this bs and i was shocked. after a few days since he robbed my new car when he left i reported it stolen and i left him a text telling him that all the times he was missing his stuff and he accused my friends of stealing that it was me who did it, and that the nights he didn’t come home i was sleeping with his boss and if it wasn’t his boss it was someone else that i was a sex addict, i also told him that the reason i didn’t take him to my parents house is because i robbed them and told them it was him and i did this to u because i am a sociopath and don’t feel anything and don’t care and all this was a lie and i did this because i was hurting inside and the fact he left me and didn;t say goodbye i was hurt and i didn;t to make him think i was the piece of shit that he would call me all the time to make me feel that way and i took pleasure in that and also i know when he now gone 2 months did not try to contact me and left no trace where he could be that he wasn;t coming back so i said that to him and i am glad i did. but the fact that i miss him i feel disgusted with myself because he is man without a soul and a full blown psychopath and now i know there is a name for this man that i always knew something was different and the way he left and tried to get me in trouble was insane. He just wanted to hurt me and after all the good i did for him he never appreciated shit and thought i owed him and there is so much more but he is a psychopath and i was used and thrown away like shit so i did that text to make me feel good and i hope he believed it.

    Trish Percaccio

    December 10, 2013 at 10:15 pm

  33. my father has multiple personality disorder similar to bi polar person or similar to psychopath or sociopath that he doesn’t remember nor recall anything good he says nor any promises to be good, all forgotten fast or quickly fades like a dream, that he’s mostly rotten person, that rarely ever he’s good to me, except to help me minimum amount so that he not be see nor revealed for what he is, that he only does if it legally required to do, that as soon as i hit age of 18, since it as legal for him to abandon me $ wise that he would constantly harass me, and he would often threaten to frame me with false accusation and still doing that decades later, telling me to email to him that he would help me $ wise that he was sorry, only to forget minutes later what he just said, then tried to frame me for harassment: he’s lunatic most of the damn, allowed to be such by my sister, is similar to him also, that it must be genetic, that i have no proof, since my mother refuse to say out of fear, since she’s be greatly traumatized, and clings to what little good was in him, still there, but small amount of good, but mostly rotten evil soul such psychopaths be wht makes up ruling class in all levels of governments


    January 5, 2015 at 6:15 am

  34. I’ve commented on here but I answer you know that time has past, and I know that the time has come for me to literally divorce my own “family”, due to circumstances that you are threatened with? Acutally HAPPENED to me by my womb parent – she is NO mother, not in anyway. But she used he rmoney to purchase legal liars and you cannot afford that.
    You can however asked to be removed legally from his life. You can ask for a legal name change, to be no longer legally bound by a blood relationship just becuase he is a “sperm doner” and sure isn’t a father.

    I have found out he who literally attacks first in the legal game wins. I do not attack ever. I am now lifting up the world but have allowed all my legla relations to be removed from me. It’s not worth any money EVER.

    EVER. Move on an don’t give him you telephone number. Change your address and move on, leave the state or whatever you can afford to do, DO but do not reley on getting money from him for anything. People with money feel they are gods and he is the type of person that is SICK, just like my womb parent and my sperm doner (never a father and never a mother). I went homeless with my dog in my car to save enough to get out. You can do it too. Just GET THE HECK OUT and get away. That’s all you can do or you will loose in a court toom and it is true , anyone can make anyonoe a criminal as long as they have an attorney to press charges. YOU cannot press charges but you can go to the famiy court in your county, there is free legal advice inside the front door, but you only get a few options in those cases. LEAVE on your own terms and never EVER look back. Then, you can learn the forgiveness process because the combination of grief and justified anger? Is the worst feeling in the world and the only person it hurts is you. Once you are gone a few years you CAN forgive and also never allow that forgiveness to turn you back into a doormat by letting him back in your life. The fear and the anger are real but they are only hurting YOU. You think he honestly has the constitutional capabillity to be a real father? You know better than that. Cut the strings, make your own money, change your number and address, move out of the state and move on. This will open the door to you having good people of the right kind enter into your life. Your “family” is who you choose it to be:except by the law. If you aren’t even in the same state? He has to find you in that state and then prosecute you in that state and that will just not be worth it. Good luck, but don’t wait until it does happen. Because as they get older they get worse…much much worse and will follow through.

    ProArt Truth

    January 5, 2015 at 1:06 pm

  35. I am so relieved to have stumbled upon this page… my psychopath is my sister. And, for some unknown reason, she always comes out “smelling like a rose” to all of those around her. Psycho has had me arrested – by lying – so many times I have lost count. And though she has only appeared in court one time to “stake her claim” (I won) it continued without anyone in a relatively small Jurisdiction noticing. And, Psycho makes no bones about making someone (usually me) her target. She has called my job; shown up at my job; written letters to my husband claiming I am having affairs; brought my arrest record to the hospital, where our mother was dying, to “prove” I am violent…even though my arrest are claims by Psycho and all but the one I won, was dismissed. The charges are still there..she also had a fake power of attorney over my mom, so the hospital gave Psycho the same benefits that are basically associated with an Advanced Directive. She ordered a guard be in the room, at all times, when I was visiting my mom. She borrowed my laptop, before the hospital incident while we were in the waiting room and I had stepped out to smoke, when I returned Psycho was showing people my private photos and laughing… OMG! When I asked her what she was doing in my private photos, she claimed to be looking for a photo of our mom and accidentally opened the private folder. As if I believe that. That was the beginning of the hospital “problems”…All my young nieces and nephews, and some great-nieces and nephews know “all about me”..and think Psycho is justified. She has most of them convinced I am this evil, violent person. Even though none of them have seen this violence or been a victim of it..but, they see no reason for Psycho to LIE! One of my other sister’s was diagnosed with vaginal cancer and the psychopath told people she was lying, for attention, and it was actually syphilis and other derogatory things I won’t mention here. The psychopath didn’t agree with how one of my niece’s was being raised, so she set out to try and prove the step-dad was sexually abusing her. Psycho almost had my niece convinced of it too. My niece is grown today and remembers psychopath telling her, “when the police ask if you can describe his “private parts” tell them he put a towel over it and made you reach under the towel to pleasure him.” And, for some unknown reason, and almost at the cost of this man’s freedom, my niece can empathize with the psychopath, because her childhood was not ideal and the psycho had “good intentions”… hello! This is just a tip of the Psycho iceberg…I think what is so scary, is Psychopaths have the ability to make others believe them, and justify their behavior in a way that seems to make sense to the unknowing.. this makes them the most dangerous people. She and other psychopaths are mentally abusive and again, those can be the most dangerous aside from the violent psycho’s… even though both classes of psychos are getting something satisfying from manipulating and lying and convincing others of their ideas..a verbal and mental psycho can kill a person’s soul and relationships with others; where a violent one can kill a person, literally, though success of manipulating the murder charge rarely happens when there is a dead body involved.
    Thank you again for letting me read your stories, I know I am not alone..sadly. There are too many of us in this dangerous situation……………


    August 25, 2015 at 1:44 pm

  36. guy at campground had me arrested today. saying I stabbed him. in the leg. and wow im immediately guilty / assumed guilty. detained. he drops charges. like what the fuck r u talking about innocent whole time.


    October 28, 2015 at 10:12 pm

  37. Suspected my ex gf was cheating on me by seeing her texts. In fact they are together today and have been before we even split up.
    I have been charged with 2 class b misdemeanor for harassment after Multiple texts questioning her
    Not only have I’ve been cheating on by the woman I loved and thought would last forever, I have now been demoted at work and am wearing an ankle monitor. It’s a double whammy. She is off having a good time with the man she cheated on while with me while I’ve lost income. My reputations and being treated like a prisoner

    John Peterson

    November 7, 2015 at 3:27 am

  38. Hello: I am Canadian living in Canada. I recently got out of a nightmare with psychopath. He is Cuban. He has no status in Canada meaning he is illegal. Immigration cannot deport him because under Cuban law a Cuban that leaves Cuba for more than 2 year is a traitor, they won’t the him back. He is undeportable. This applies to any country he is in. He left the city I live in and now resides in a different province than me.

    He has a lengthy criminal record involving drugs which I found out. He also had sexually assaulted me. I filed a police report on it. Most likely my case will go no place.

    Very recently he contacted me via text to do yet again a favor for him. I didn’t reply so that no rely mean I was saying no. He sent a few texts saying I block him I don’t answer him.

    Two days later I get a call from a private number. It was Royal Canadian Mounted Police located where he was. He filed a false claim of harassment. Stating I was calling his family all his friends. Spreading lies about him and I was contacting him all the time. All of which were NOT true. The officer was very accusing to me.


    January 28, 2016 at 1:04 pm

  39. Phone records prove whether or not you called him. Were I in your situation, I would change my phone number and make sure only people you trust have it. He shouldn’t be able to file a report on harassment without proof. I have some experience with this type of garbage. I would also go to the police and talk to them about what he has done to you. It should be obvious that he is retaliating because you filed a report on the sexual assault.

    Try not to worry too much at this point. You have to go into yourself and find your strength. Don’t allow him to control you even now that you are apart. That is his goal. To frighten you. Stand up tall and don’t give in. Change your phone number and see the police about him filing a false report on you. Does he know where you live? It might be worth moving. It depends on various things.

    Please feel free to talk to me any time you want. You can find me on Facebook as Heidi M Smith. I have a puppy as my profile picture.

    Heidi M Smith

    January 28, 2016 at 7:43 pm

  40. Thank you for your reply. He does not know about the sexual assault complaint. His retaliation by filing this bogus harassment complaint was because he dI’d not do something he wanted me to do. I refused. He once said I would never say no to him. When I didn’t do his bidding and be his ‘gopher girl’ this is the result.

    Yes phone records would completely prove I was harassing him and further more I never called any family or his friends. I don’t them and his family is in Cuba I would assume and I have never met any of them and never spoken to them I don’t know them.

    It’s all lies.


    January 29, 2016 at 12:48 am

  41. Oh God have I ever been dealt with a psychopath girl that lives in my building she’s a definite psychopath my husband recently passed away and she started coming over to my house and then she just started stealing and stealing and stealing and disrespecting and just being very toxic after repeatedly stealing money from me I chose not to have her come over to my house anymore allow her to come over to my house we live in the same building that was crazy she started acting violent towards me in a really crazy way but the other day she he came up behind me when I was waiting to get in the elevator and literally push me as hard as you can that was all she wanted she started laughing cuz you’re out of here blah and then ran to the neighbor’s house and started acting like she was terribly afraid of me and that I was going to beat her up or something or just acting like she’s told victim and I’m still going through it so I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen but yes she is definitely a sociopath crazy person I will not have to deal with this very much longer thank you

    Timi Petersen

    April 25, 2016 at 9:48 am

  42. I let John Wilson and his son Chez move in to my apartment around Feb. 2005. He never paid for anything. He told me he had just gotten custody of his son (8 yrs. old) . He didn’t want me to ask him about his mom because he said it would upset him but in actuality John Wilson had his son since he was 3 yrs. Old. I did everything for his son to try and take away his pain. I took him to summer camp everyday before I went to work and paid for the tuition. Around June 15th 2005 he asked me to marry him and a week later he asked to borrow $20,000.00 for his gym, Delco Brazillian Jui-Jitsu. I asked him if he wanted to marry me because he wanted to borrow this money. He acted like I insulted him and said the gym is for both of us. The money was from the inheritance my dad had just left me (over $63,000.00) and I was going to put it back in the bank when John Wilson gave it back to me but he hasn’t repaid me yet even though down the police station he told them it was $10,000.00 and he didn’t remember whether he paid me back in cash or with a check. The police never made him verify this. He told his lawyer that it was a gift. In March 2006 we got a house together and I paid for $2,4555.00 upgrade, $10,000.00 down payment, $9,000.00 closing cost and every house payment (we both were going to pay and I didn’t know) came out of my bank account. John Wilson told me when he sold his house 3172 Bethel Rd. Feltonville, Pa. he would put it towards our house but I didn’t know the house was in him and his ex-wife’s name. I found out later that he wrote a check for their mortgage from my bank account and forged my name. He stole the mail and all my concentration was taking care of his son because I never had kids and loved them. He knew this. When we moved into the house about a week later this woman called (Heike Calhoun and her friend) and said they both were going out with John. He pulled the phone and said this woman was stalking him. This woman left a note on my doorstep the next day and it said how much she cared about him and he is on (It was on my computer but I didn’t how to look up this info at the time. I found out later he was corresponding with a lot of woman and probably used my red Firebird I allowed him to use and thought it was for work but picking them up and going over Heike Calhoun’s house with his son) so I drove up to the gym with John Wilson’s son and gave him the letter and wanted to know what was going on and he said the same thing she is stalking him. When I left he called me and told me Heike was following me and his son acted like he was scared but in actuality I found out later he was going over her house with his dad. The next day I filled out a police report and told them Heike Calhoun was following me. So about a month later John Wilson came home and said why don’t you get a couple of credit cards just in case you need them. I didn’t understand why I got 2 credit cards because I already had about ten of them and (thank God John Wilson didn’t know this because I would have been in more debt than I am in now) never carried a balance on any of my cards. I found out later he fraudulently used over $18,000.00 worth of credit cards behind my back because he would steal the mail. This one day John Wilson was supposedly going to work and Heike Calhoun was following him. His son got a bat and acted like he was scared of her. John Wilson told me to call the police. The cops called John Wilson up and told him to go to the courthouse and get a Order Of Protection. He acted like he was going to do this but in actuality he was going to Heike Calhoun’s instead of work. I was always living in fear that Heike Calhoun would hurt me. This one day I found this black book hidden under his clothes. I opened it and found a lot of names and found a star above my name. I was panicking and didn’t know what to do. I was confused and asked him about this and he said it was something he should have thrown away. I believe now this was all his victims in this book. In Sept. I came back from the shore confronting my girlfriend about everything that was going on and it seemed weird he wouldn’t bring his checks home. He said he kept them at the gym. She told me to check things out. I came home and told him I was going to Acme and I needed my keys for my Firebird because I was low on gas. I felt under the seat and there were rubbers and a lot of dirty magazines. I froze and didn’t look at all the paperwork he had in my car. It was my car and he must have had me so controlled. I have never been through anything like this before. I’m not a confrontational person but I asked him what is this for. He said I shouldn’t have let you take the car(even though it was mine) and said stay out of my shit and pushed me down. I was stunned, no one ever raised their voice at me and never ever put a hand on me before. I have never been so petrified in my life. I was on the phone with my niece and John Wilson came out and I saw his son’s face and I couldn’t call the cops because it looked like he had been through this before. After a week he came home and tried to explain it away. I was trying to figure things out but couldn’t imagine what danger I was in. I made stir fry that night and fed it to his son then went upstairs to eat with John Wilson and there was glass in my food. He said I probably broke the sauce jar but his son’s food didn’t have it in it. The next day John Wilson had big pieces of broken glass on the side of his plate. Somehow it just didn’t register in my brain what was going on. Later on I found beer bottles underneath the sink. A couple days after that I had a drink and when I got up in the morning everything was spinning and I felt really sick. John Wilson went to work. I had to crawl to the bathroom and I was so sick I called him home. I don’t know what he put in my system but I was still dizzy thereafter. I told the police later what happened but they wouldn’t let me document it because they said why didn’t I bring the glass right down. In my wildest dreams I could never imagine that someone could ever try to hurt me like this. On Nov. 9 2007 Heike Calhoun’s friend said she knows about me but I don’t know about her. I called Heike Calhoun and met her at John Wilson’s gym. When I pulled up Heike Calhoun and John Wilson were standing outside and all I said I was with you. I saw 3 cops outside and told them I just found out this man conned me out of money(not knowing at the time the extent of the devastation he put me through) I asked them to get my car keys from John Wilson for my Firebird. They went inside and when they came out the cops told me to stand there and be quiet while they held their hand in front of me and allowed him to take everything out of my car. I was stunned that this was my property and after I had just told them about him conning me out of money. Heike Calhoun’s son who was 16yrs. old said that John Wilson needed a court order to do this. I found out later that the cops allowed John Wilson to steal my computer and I couldn’t do a thing about it even though I still have my receipt. The cops knew him because of him being a Jiu-Jitsu instructor. I talked to the police chief and the mayor and nothing has been done yet. I showed the police all the checks he forged even signing his own name, fraudulently using my credit cards and they had the reports down the police station that Heike Calhoun was supposedly stalking him but in this together. He even locked me out of my house and one neighbor that knew his son asked him were I was and his son said we had a fight and I moved out. Which was a complete lie. He told her Heike was moving in with her children. The woman that was stalking him and my name was on the mortgage and I paid for everything. They had to know they both were in this together. They had these police reports. Heike Calhoun’s mail went to my address. It was a house she was buying. I showed the cops this and they said it was none of my business. This woman that was supposedly stalking John and they could clearly see I was a crime victim by these 2 expert con artists. John Wilson only paid 2 house payments one bounced and when he locked me out of my house and scared me away he paid over $5,000.00 for a house payment. He finally left when I showed them my forged checks and credit card fraud but they only used the forged mortgage check and still I don’t understand why. He wouldn’t sign for me to sell the house because he didn’t care about his credit because it was already bad he just wanted to destroy my 800 credit. So for a year I called Indymac mortgage to try to get his name off the mortgage so I could either get someone in it to help me with it or sell it. It went into foreclosure and I didn’t know because he stole my mail He had taken all my money and left me in debt so I couldn’t get a lawyer but my sister knew this lawyer who gave me some free advice over the phone. He told me to go to court to force him to sign it . Of course he didn’t show up and the judge gave me the legal right to sign his name so I sold it for a short sale. I should have never lost my dream house. I went to court for the other legal issues of trying to get the money back that he conned out of me. Heike Calhoun and John Wilson had a lawyer and of course I had nothing so I had a court appointed attorney. John Wilson didn’t show up the first time and the judge didn’t penalize him he just made me come back another day. My friends and I were stunned when the judge didn’t allow anyone to talk and dropped the charges saying this was a civil case. I found out the reason was John Wilson only used 4 checks that he said I made out to cash for a little over $1,000.00 and my devastation was well over, I would say at least $80,000.00 or more. The 4 checks he used that day took me over 5 ½ yrs but I matched them to his bank book receipts I have. They could clearly see it is his signature not mine. The assistant prosecutor Diana Reed Rolondo was helping in the beginning but she said she did all she could and couldn’t bring charges and when she sent me all the paperwork back I couldn’t believe that the police reports said I allowed him to use my checks and credit cards. I was so out of it at the time of all this devastation that I should have had someone go with me and read every one of those reports because they were lies. It’s funny though I told Diana Reed Rolondo that I never allowed him to do any of this. She told me to get on with my life but I didn’t have a life I lost my house, my car, my job because of being late taking his son to school, my 401k, all my inheritance my dad left me and he even destroyed my credit.

    I have paperwork that he had the West Deptford NJ Police Dept. give me to take me to court for stalking him because I sent this story to Balance Studios Gym in Pa. to warn them of this sociopath. I was stunned because I didn’t even have money for gas and wouldn’t do this. He wrote on the paper that I said this certain thing and he was petrified of me. The judge couldn’t read his writing and asked him what is said and he replied he didn’t know because he didn’t write it. The judge was stunned and said everything that I had written was about the money he had taken from me and it was a civil case. The 8 yrs. that I have been dealing with the unjustice system have been extremely devastating because when you lose everything the criminal has your money to get a lawyer and your on your own to defend yourself. I’m on a mission to get this monster off the street because everyday he’s taking a victim and the law could careless and also to try to get all the victims in the world together and change the laws for the victims and not the predators that these lawyers always defend with their nonsense defenses.

    Marie Cresta

    May 6, 2016 at 6:36 pm

  43. I have a crazy paranoid ex-boyfriend who got me arrested last week. What happened was we both wanted to use the microwave and he had come down acting very badly, thinking that my wanting to microwave popcorn was me trying to convey some sort of ‘threatening message’ to him. I was on the phone with my best friend while all this was going on and he hates her by the way and he came at me and was not getting out of my face, just coming at me intimidatingly and making me feel threatened and he called my friend on the phone a cunt and with all that pressure and fear and the feeling of being cornered compounding, I slapped him! He got sooo mad that he yelled at me and looked me straight in the eye and said, “Slap me again! Do it! Slap me again!” and he began slapping himself to make it look redder and then he called 911 and when the police showed up, the cop was nice, but he said he had to arrest me for that and said he would call it self-defense when I explained to him what had happened.

    I spent the night in jail and was out on PR and I am still waiting for the trial date. They put a NCO on me so I can’t even go back to my own place. He does not pay any rent, bills or anything, he’s just a squatter with free reign of my place and now I can’t even go back to my own home. For a couple of days after being released I didn’t even have my own car which I own and it’s not his at all. I am paying not only for my own place which he is squatting at, but I am also paying for my hotel stay, food and attorney’s fees too.

    For a few days I was stranded without my car and laptop. I had to demand my civil standby because for a while the cops seemed to be ignoring me and my situation. I almost felt like because I was charged, I’m automatically the bad guy and should be ignored. But I also had to have him served his TRO for what he’s been doing to me for all the years we’ve been together with his constant emotional and psychological abuse like yelling and accusing me and other people of doing things to him and the occasional physical abuse like throwing things at me. It took me having to mention that he doesn’t have a drivers license and that he has outstanding tickets for speeding for them to listen to me. But before that, no matter how much I was just asking for my civil standby…nothing. They didn’t seem to want to help and it was hard for me to navigate without a car and buses are very slow and plus I didn’t know how the bus routes worked. So I finally got my car and laptop and some other things. I even got my house keys back too.

    I am really afraid of him now because he’s crazy and there’s no telling what he will do to me. If he is capable of doing this, I know he can do anything at this point. He also didn’t even call to leave any kind of message on my phone while I was in jail, just one call saying, “sorry, didn’t mean for this to happen, but you slapped me and I can’t show up to court because I have to work” So in other words, he won’t even try to help my case. He is making excuses not to go to court by saying he has to work which I find to be absolute bull crap because his job is only 20-27 hours a week. He just doesn’t want to help me in any way at all. He didn’t even call to say that he will be the one to leave so at least I have my place back. This man only cares about himself. He is incredibly dangerous and paranoid because he thinks everyone is spying, gang-stalking and trying to frame him. This will only get worse with him over time I’m sure because I see a pattern developing where he’s getting more cruel.

    I am in the midst of waiting for my trial date, in the meantime I’m worried about how I’m going to keep paying every day for a hotel. They still won’t kick him out despite the TRO served on him because he’s a resident there too even though he’s not on the lease. They said since I have a NCO and he has a TRO and we are both residents at that address it doesn’t matter whether I am on the lease or not, because now it’s a civil matter. So I also have to take him to civil court to get my place back and go to district court to see what the verdict will be and the superior court to request for a year long restraining order against him because this man is ruining my life and scaring me to death.

    I just can’t believe any man who tells me he loves me would allow me to be so vulnerable like that without my car or things I need for many days. I had nothing on my persons but my purse and luckily I was able to walk to a hotel room and figure out what to do in the meantime. My friend said she would be a witness as to what she heard on the phone, so I hope I can do that. This is just sooo bad. I’ve never had any criminal record. I was just defending myself against a crazy unstable person and now I’m in such a huge mess from this.


    May 9, 2016 at 2:02 am

  44. i was just arrested and charged for two counts of assault when I (male) was a victim of constant abuse. I wrote down the abuse and her drug abuse to keep track and my mind strong. She would kick me in the head while were sleeping ( we had a matress on a floor as we were just moving into a new house ) and hit me over the head with a bat while sleeping, CRAZY AS this one sounds it is absolutely true she DRUGED my drink when I went to the bathroom and tried to kill me.. I called the police to tell them and to try protect myself but I was cornered by her. I managed to get out my name and a call atleast.. I was actually concerned for my life and still am. After she drugged my drink, I caught her as I saw stuff floating in my coke and I confronted her and she actually told me she did it, she told me it was sleeping pills and she shrugged it off and didn’t care even… she said well u were going to do it to me first and that was her justification to make it ok for hger to continue not caring..
    this is only the start of the story
    long stort short she had me arrested after what she di

    mike tuomi

    August 30, 2016 at 2:41 pm

  45. Your only hope is to leave and get as far away as possible, but whatever you do, when you get away break all contact permanently. There is no cure or recovery for this type of person. Things will likely get worse if you stay. They definitely won’t improve. Then when you leave, you will have to face whatever weakness or childhood issues that helped steer you toward a person like this, so you won’t be vunerable again to them in the future. Best of luck.

    Phillip McGaugh

    August 30, 2016 at 2:48 pm

  46. They are mad, bad and disgusting creatures. Mine reported to the police for drugs, His awful daughter bullied me too. Never taken drugs in my life, They will destroy, take what they can, abuse you and call you mad, The cheating never ended…..Thankfully he has gone to his next prey….


    August 30, 2016 at 2:50 pm

  47. I was almost arrested on multiple occasions – including a couple times I called the police to arrest *him*…by the time they arrived, he was cool as could be and I was “hysterical” and he’d sway “see what I have to put up with”?…

    All I could think of was if I get arrested, what kind of hell will there be to pay?…

    From the perspective I have now, I think it might have been better to have gotten arrested…by then, I was speaking openly of my abusers actions, had been to a domestic abuse shelter, and think I may have had a chance of being believed had i not done my best to avoid said arrest…at the time, however, all I could think of was the insanity and ridiculousness of my calling the police in fear of my life and being the one threatened with arrest…

    I was certainly victimized by law enforcement and the courts -after my a user started the job…


    October 6, 2016 at 11:21 pm

  48. I thought I was alone in this part of the journey. I have now been arrested twice in two different states in the last month. He actually had me arrested on my birthday. This guy filed an order of protection against me when i caught him lying. Hopefully by the end of the week that will be over. Thankfully i have kept every text and email to prove he has threatened if i dont do exactly what he says he will make sure he continues to ne a thorn in my side and causing problems with DCFS. He says he doesnt care who knows…. Prayers to everyone who reads my story and begins to peice things together.


    October 7, 2016 at 4:18 am

  49. Hi I lived with a scyo narcissist. The hard part for me to talk about is I 6′ man big boy and She tore me apart inside and out. I have been to jail 6 times all for not doing or saying or standing up for myself and my child. See she would wake me up at 1 am tell me buy more beer when I refuse cause im sleeping she would Slap her face hard and say you just hit me Go buy me more beer then slap herself 2 4 more times in the face and say your going to jail for hitting me. A diff.time Ive done 45 days and then she would come and write out confession letter to the D.A. Saying she lied she a drunk and I should b let out..she use me and says why else would I call you if I Wasnt using you Duh. So much went on.Ask me for help with money or food I would do it then when I do treats me like shit . Drove me to almost killing myself a few month ago. Been single for 8 years now. Trust is huge for me. Ptsd from hell . im a hot mess and don’t like being around anyone.


    October 7, 2016 at 6:25 am

  50. Oh yes! I have spent 2 months in jail this year and have 5years Probation because I was targeted as a drug dealer because he is a severe addict and lies and make me look like the one who is so out of control. Last year I spent 3 months on a stupid weed charge that he should have gotten. He did nothing to go me get out and stayed loaded with my kids and could barely send me money for needs cause HE had such a hard time while I was locked up! I live in fear constantly that he will do something crazy and cause me to have Probation revocked and will have to do some REAL time.


    October 11, 2016 at 12:54 am

  51. Being in the presence of a Sociopath can have long term effects on the rest of your life. I hope you can leave before it gets to that stage. Speaking from experience.


    October 11, 2016 at 1:58 am

  52. My ex has completely destroyed my life. Short version below…
    He charged me with criminal domestic trespassing in 2014 for checking on my kids when he left them alone for a whole weekend and they had called me crying for help. He then refused to help pay for medical bills for my kids and he had a restraining order put on me in November 2015 for saying he was a worthless parent after begging him to help. Restraining order was dropped when it finally went to the judge in January. Now he has charged me with domestic criminal trespassing after changing my youngest girls school that they have been going to all along with out my permission and refused to talk to me about it. I went to his door and asked him to talk and he refused to come outside or even to the door He has continued this behavior to cause me trouble because I work in the public safety field and it has affected my job each instance. This last one has me on probation until court and is causing me to lose my house that I worked so hard to get on my own. I always tried to reason with him however now I am learning that it is not possible. It is unfortunate that I have found so many other people in this situation but I am very thankful I am not alone.

    Kimberly Eppley

    October 19, 2016 at 11:48 pm

  53. My ex has completely destroyed my life. Short version below…
    He charged me with criminal domestic trespassing in 2014 for checking on my kids when he left them alone for a whole weekend and they had called me crying for help. He then refused to help pay for medical bills for my kids and he had a restraining order put on me in November 2015 for saying he was a worthless parent after begging him to help. Restraining order was dropped when it finally went to the judge in January. Now he has charged me with domestic criminal trespassing after changing my youngest girls school that they have been going to all along with out my permission and refused to talk to me about it. I went to his door and asked him to talk and he refused to come outside or even to the door He has continued this behavior to cause me trouble because I work in the public safety field and it has affected my job each instance. This last one has me on probation until court and is causing me to lose my house that I worked so hard to get on my own. I always tried to reason with him however now I am learning that it is not possible. It is unfortunate that I have found so many other people in this situation but I am very thankful I am not alone.


    October 19, 2016 at 11:50 pm

  54. No, you certainly aren’t alone! We are dealing with the scum of the outhouse! They get pleasure in causing pain to those who don’t jump through their hoops. Retaliation is like honey to them. Doing things to cause damage in the eyes of one’s employer, in the eyes of friends and especially in the eyes of the children and as many family members as possible. When dealing with these demons you have to think through everything very carefully. Put NOTHING past them. Document (date, time, who’s there, pictures) every interaction you have with them or touches them in any way. If they are compromising your job, make it official with your employer this person is causing problems. Go to HR and your supervisor. Don’t say a lot about it unless they ask questions. Just tell them you’re finding your ex is playing dirty, has made threats of retaliatio. If something negative comes up with him involved File a miscellaneous incident report with law enforcement if you can. Miscellaneous incident reports just record concerning facts. The report is just filed, not acted on.

    In my experience, I wasn’t careful enough to protect myself. It’s very difficult for those who aren’t the plotting against others type. We don’t think about the low down things psychopaths do. A true psychopath makes retaliation their mission. And they may well keep it going for years. Mine continued his wrath for seven years after the divorce! Every time I thought maybe he’s done he rared his ugly head. Trying to implicate me in his troubles at work (claiming his supervisor and I had an affair and set him up!) Claiming I burglarized his house (calling me screaming “you’re going to jail” . Thankfully, I was out of state that week. It’s been a freaking nightmare.

    Just remember to tell people you trust and document. See a counselor and tell them what’s going on, anything you can to keep yourself protected. And remember, they make something bad out of anything possible. You have to try and think like they do, not like a decent human being. The most relief I got was when I lived in Germany for three months. I finally relaxed. Not always looking over my shoulder. I cried and cried when I didn’t get an extended visa. I came back and lo and behold he got fired after 18 years as a cop, moved to where I live on the same freaking street! AND he got a job as a cop in this tiny town! How does that happen???? He was fired and lost his certification! What police department hires veteran cops who were fired??? I’m telling you, these people must literally have demons working for them!

    Just be careful, limit contact because of the kids as much as possible. Anything you need to discuss do in writing. That was a huge benefit to me even years later. Numerous of his lies were exposed because I kept emails. Don’t fall for him trying to goad you. Ignore, ignore, ignore! They want to see you distressed. Even if you are don’t show it. Exude strength even if you don’t feel it.

    Finally, be good to yourself. Do nice things for yourself. And remember always that they are real sickos. Try hard not to take their behavior personality. Because they’ll do the same things to absolutely anyone who isn’t putty in their hands. It’s all about them, not you. It’s like being attacked by a rabid animal. We were sort of just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hold your head high and be thankful you’re a decent person.


    October 20, 2016 at 5:52 pm

  55. I lived in a city recently with a high psychopath population. I had more run ins with people trying to manipulate me into the situation describe. In a span of two months I had to call the police on them twice. The second time I was taken away despite both of them having active warrants. In one of the cases a police report was not even written.

    The problem is no one will beleive you. You will be labeled as the crazy one because you are acting like any sane person would do in a situation to defend themselves. Meanwhile when the authorities show up the psychopath is showing symptoms of being attacked.

    I left a relationship with a girl after her ex boyfriend kept calling me on the phone, and almost once baited me into punching him with a camera filming. I offered to call the police on him for her, but she couldnt beleive that what he was doing was wrong. She then tried to jump out of a moving vehicle. Her family turned against me as well.

    A close friend of mine in the city had a psychopath steal 1000 dollars from a debit card he had. After going to the police and being shown the psychopaths rap sheet the police refused to act. My friend then had to film the psychopath admitting to the crime on camera. From there a huge pre-legal action ensued with a lawyer. I then had to help my friend do detective work against the psychopath and showed up at an address on a promissory note to demand payment. Turns out the lawyer had lied and more confronting of the psychopath ensued until he finally paid up.

    Another time, a landlords wife almost pulled out a shoutgun on me. I could hear the shells hitting the floor above me. The landlord then reported me to the police after I finally snapped on his harrasment for the same thing he had been doing to me. The police again sided with him.

    Please avoid these people like they plague. They are not your avg depressed person who causes problems for attention. They are deranged individuals whose crazy escalates and does not stop. Especially now that Donald Trump is president a lot of psychopaths are liberals and it is only going to escalate even more. Record, document, and make sure that there insane behavior is apparant to everyone around them. Backup everything on google drive and record your phone calls.

    Remember, you are being targeted because you are not a vicious person. You have the ability to help those around you, and make life better. The psychopath sees this and views it as weakness. Dont ever let them think they won.

    Fully Functioning Brain

    June 6, 2017 at 2:33 am

  56. I found this article about people who lack spirits, and thus operate only from their ego.
    They all operate the same. This gives some really great insight. Hope you enjoy.


    June 6, 2017 at 2:59 am

  57. Your email does not work


    July 21, 2017 at 5:48 am

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    March 5, 2019 at 3:04 pm

  59. Exactly over 1 yr and about now 15 to 20 police, sheriff’s court papers and just last WK 300 pages of texted said I TRAUMATIZED that 300 6.6 wife beater drunken porn while sniffing coke and peeing in the empty miller bottles in-between his shooters and dialing in more while his young daughter is draged with him now at his mom’s two feet away 2, 3, 4am nigh after night..she came to me for help. That loving gm never said 1 word to her oldest #1 dad’s boy. Then the 6.6 275 # stalker of 4 yrs in borfum and his fun has updated my condition to I’m not able to even walk outside cause he made a new diagnosis…I told him thanks but I know I’m doing it right but can you give me another one I can’t see cause I have to have my eyes closed and the people trying to help me and touch me is ok but my dog is walking in the street now and over here those cars are bigger than 5 # and I’d really like to keep this guy, he likes to help me with my condition. and I really like this one… 1st bro is 56 2nd is 54 and he’s a pure evil dangerous both Narcissist psychopath and sociapath he crosses into DSM-5 both in that manuel…that mother who is the cult charmer is an Evil ugly.cruel inhumane drama craver destroying sick old 83 Narcissist bitch she helped her 62 yo same buy my child after they kidnapped her to nc and somehow….I wasn’t going to get her. Oh….that Sadistic mother…text me back please..I’m 61 the best real nice one out of 6family and I have a lot of friends but 2 that can stop these Evil people and I do hate knowing more than those retired book writers from the fbi special behavioral unit for serial killers then have at the end 100 to a 300 ? Air about….print out…see how many boxes you ckbto see if you might be in a bad relationship with a personality problem..I laugh their so stupid but that family has destroyed my entire life with doing everything anything and the unbelievable even called in and now coming here to wait for the fbi to take me in…7 am at my door. I wouldn’t answer but id opened my little kitchen window cause I didn’t have to tell my deaf bf was gone and that Evil bitch sticks her ugly head …army you gonna let us in now here with that other bigger son with a face to kill….and I yelled fuck no I wasn’t started to open door wanted it over them gone.we weren’t going to brunch her face means nothing good and before I got it opened enough my 5# little yorkie went and started biting growling and viciously tearing at her ankles making them bleed… they leave I grabbed my dog and but I spoke 1st and said why couldn’t you walk into your kitchen and tell your soon to stop texting me I have over 250 filthy disturbing texts and I can’t even use my phone he’s coming in on a rotodial unit. And she said let me see your phone, calling me a list but that was all because I spoke before her it really pissed off that big asshole…common let’s go and me..I jumped up without a word and stir that door by and locked it tight and got back on the phone to my friend that needed something..JUST SEEING THAT EVIL FACE TELLS ME NO GOOD AND I RECOGNIZE ALL MY FRIENDS KNOCKS SND ALL THEIR POLICE THEY SEND….cause I had an abusive husband that was arrested almost nightly 4 yes and police don’t ever knock listen it’s their batons that are hitting the BOTTOM OF YOUR DOOR. Cause their sting special stupid for being conned buy those idiots…I never opened the door 1x and one. Of them was really really pissed and banged my door for 20 min loud…my friend and I were visiting and he had a habit at his place looking thru viewers on door and got all upset it’s.the police sent you going to answer the door….I said no because I couldn’t stop laughing and my nails were wet and I didn’t think it smart to let him know he’d just been conned and manipulated by a very old lady and her flying monkeys because he had his image to protect in that black pressed uniform and I wasn’t going to make him mad but I know them so I made copies of what I sent and took them in to the police station at tool call. I told him don’t worry she won’t say that again they all have hundreds of other ideas. And I didn’t get them all and I did make sure one nite it was impt cause if arranged with my friend to get her out of nc and he was going to fly her anywhere and that police man dispatcher was stupid and when I’m talking about my child nobody is going to minimize their my call and cut me off that arrogant idiot..I called back and when I was done…I wasn’t going outside luckily that nite..I figured they really would now have a good reason to shoot me because I told them about the 5 of them raping that woman for hours and the one punch was enough that’s why you all ended up on your knees for hrs…and I’ll bet you 5th greene didn’t pay and you didn’t even give her a blanket after your service from duty,. Fuck you. True getting carried away my daughter is in trouble their hurting her bad and I’m trying to get her out and those two Evil boys and her are stopping me by what they keep doing in getting me arrested and the last hiding her. They will do anything say anything to get what they want even though my daughter wasn’t for sale back to question..
    Please someone tell me as bout a mother any who likes to watch her own child being beaten, screamed at hate words knocked out on floor then shot at buys better hand gun for plastered drunken husband she never kissed and sex too but she LIKES TO WATCH….never 85 yrs 61 my yrs never said honey maybe she doesn’t like that or maybe you have a little drinking thing…no after the tidal jammed at my baby 1yp sons Head 5 sec after I got that surprise of he’s not there…a limo police car slowly pulls close to house and that mother sofetly says honey here you can smoke 2 days and parted ways while I stood there stunned with my son clenched in my arms that started T age 30..
    Guns and if I was there which I never tried to be I was in trouble. They all tricked me lied to make me go over and now their at my door the problem is I’m the one who never calls or asked them any of those 5 my whole life over for any latte. They search their expensive computers or that brother somehow taped me on his cell 1 HR away…….here’s the funny part…..I never asked them what they wanted I didn’t care….never did…mi was good and ran when I can
    ..THAT MOM HER COMPUTER CO YHAT OTHER COMPUTER CO ALL THAT MONEY CARS POSSESIONS….THEIR FRAUDS AND FAKES. THEY SHOP AT ALL OCCASIONS STORES FIR ALL EVENTS…FUNERALS…GET EXPENSIVE CARS TLSUVS SLL BLACK FLY ALL ACROSS COUNTRY SET UP FUNERAL LONG BLACK NAILS TINTED WINDOWS Drk glasses…..and trick me to go to his funeral 45 texts on that but I didn’t have anxiety meds and I knew better…but the look is fake….over 100 mostly men my dad was a drunk never worked and played music man loudbtill 2am every nite with men that weren’t business….that funeral all those family their kids…2 people spoke my uncle thanking my dad for helping his mother in az which I was forced to go and the second his girlfriend I knew I saw her when he trucked me with the store and I end up over the hill in another city at that little studio with her standing waiting which I had to sit in that cold truck all night…they both did that shit and both forced me into their crap…..2 things and I’m done no 5 maybe….IF A CHINA SPEAKING GUY GETS YOUR NO AND TELLS YOU HES GOING TO ARREST YOUR MOTHER FOR DRUG TRAFFICKING OFFICERS IN ROUTE BUT ASK TO VERIFY YOUR SSI NO TO MAKE SURE….DONT GIVE IT TO THEM….HER STUPID SON DID….NOW SHELL EXPERIENCE REAL DRAMA…..AND HE GAVE IT TO HER CUSE SHE TAUGHT HIM ABD THAT FUNERAL CARS CLITHES NAILS DRESS UP BOY THAT BIG BLACK TINTED SUV WAS NCE AND THAT FUNERAL THEY CARED ABOUT ABOUT SND MADE ME GO I DIDNT FLY IN I WENT AS MYSELF AND I DONT KNOW HOW BUT AFTER THAT GIRLFRIEND…..ALL FOUR…AT ONCE YELLED MY NAME TO GET UP AND SAY SOMETHING NICE ANOUT THAT DAD….ALL FOUR. BUT 3 SEC OF SILENCE I WAS FELLING THAT FEELING ITS GONNA HAPPEN….AND THATS WHAT THEY DID TO ME 3RD ONE IN 20 MIN….ME THE ONLY ONE HE KEPT TRYING TO KILL and that’s no joke and blow off my head…she never helped me…anyway REMEMBER THIS TOO NO SSI OVER PHONE EVER OR THIS IS THE REALLY EASY ONE..



    Debbie Stephenson

    September 24, 2020 at 1:53 pm

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