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Half brother wants sex, engages in smear campaign, tries to have victim falsely arrested

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The psychopath and his/her impersonal, concienceless views on sex, along with the quest for retribution when thwarted and the lengths they will go to get it is demonstrated by Yogi, who posted the following comment under the blog titled “Momma?  She’s in the freezer”.   (I have high lighted certain sentences for emphasis).”

yogi // January 29, 2009 at 4:22 am (edit)

I had a sociopathic half brother try to have innapropriate relations with me after I found him in my early thirties and he also tried to get me arrested by stating I attacked him and was belligerent and scratched him too – because I would not go along with being in a relationship with him. He made sure I lost my job and started fights with me there after I got him hired, because after I met him he immediately moved to my town and I tried to be kind and introduced him to my acquaintances. Soon, those acquaintances turned on me after his attacks began, he would appear so charming to others and made me look like a typical vindictive lady and that- I am not. He of course turned his attacks around on me so that people thought I was the one doing all things he was doing to me and quite skillfully and smoothly got everyone to feel sorry for him while I suffered feeling so isolated and disoriented as I kept asking myself is this really happening? So, I felt relief when I saw this story because it seems like they are all the same man, but who live in different bodies. Just like my story, this one seems so hard to believe, it’s as if it is all unreal. I am still trying to find inner peace as I have lost all connection to what mattered to me because of my sick half -brother. I went to the police on many occasions about my physical injuries and he would turn it all around and I don’t think they took me seriously. He told them he loved me and that we were in a relationship.. I am now severely traumatized, can’t leave my house much because people make me feel sick and I know it’s not right, but I need time to recover and heel and learn how to spot these monsters in the future, and because there is no one in the world I can tell anymore about what has happened. I feel disoriented and drained from this ordeal and will continue to read internet blogs which have helped enormously more than interacting with people. There is no one to trust other than those who have gone through it. It is actually amazing how people just don’t get it and will think you are crazy or something… What a strange world this is (

Written by victimsofpsychopaths

February 5, 2009 at 11:12 pm

8 Responses

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  1. I can understand very well what you went through. These monsters target good people and get off on destroying them in every way possible. I would like to come to the place of not giving them any power over me. Especially, I dont want to let this experience destroy me. It has taken three years to begin to heal.
    My psychopath was my spouse who tried to get me arrested so that I would lose my teachers license, turned my friends and even co workers against me. He would go to such great lengths to do these things and his lies were so split second precise and lethal.
    Of course he nearly ruined me financially, slandered me, falsely accused me of crimes, cheated on me, lied and basically nearly destroyed me completely. I did not know what had happened to me. I was defineately suffering from post traumatic shock.
    Looking back he really enjoyed hurting me. I watched him as he told the police that I was psychotic and had a history of mental illness. He was laughing in contempt with the cop. He wanted me to be arrested for assault. Luckily the police acted as if they were taking it seriously and charges were made but the police dropped the charges a month later. That would have been the end of my career. I worked so hard to get my degree as a single mom and it would have been gone just like that.
    Please forgive yourself for letting this monster into your life. They target people and no one is immune to being charmed by a psychopath.
    There are good people and even though your trust is shattered it is so helpful to reach out to a place like this. You will find a safety net and slowly recover. This might seem impossible but more and more people are realizing the devastation that these monsters cause. I believe you and lots of other people who are educated about psychopaths believe you too.
    Thanks for writing a bit of your story. It really helped me. Sometimes I just cant grasp what happened to me and I want to just hide too. Little by little I begin to look at it and it shows me something about humanity that it like looking into the eyes of a predator.

    Sea storm

    sea storm

    June 10, 2009 at 6:54 pm

  2. I am just getting over a traumatic bonding relationship and I am now with someone that loves me for me, I still have a hard time trusting the ones l know l can trust but the fact is l was mindf*cked, noone knows unless they have been thru it, so it was starting to cause issues with my boyfriend he wants to help me and protect me and l know that but then certian feelings trigger me and he hurts to see me in pain. Today was one of those days,we were talking about my paranoia and my boyfriend was getting frustrated but l couldnt shake the feeling it had been almost a week everyday me talking out things over and over to figure out my fear and then we got a knock on the door it was the police there to tell me that they had caught my ex in the bushes with binoculars he had been watching me,l know he was waiting to find the right time to kill me,I even had the weapon that l kept when he moved out and it was bothering me too……. I know him well I have felt his energy before (said something about it to my friends all of a sudden he knocks on the door ) but not trusting myself and others it was taking over me but now l will remember and know and trust myself l have to some time or it will consume me. l have to learn to trust again and its hard but l have good positive people around and l had to do alot of soul searching for myself , my boyfriend says “God steps in when he needs to” and he did l am here not dead it still hasn’t sunk in yet (l realize now l have had trauma) and we do need to watch out for these predators. I was asked what type of girl does he like l replied any and he preys on the vulnerable young or old and l think we need to make society aware of this. We need to know we are worthy of true love, we are worthy of being able to live free and without fear, we are worthy to trust people who won’t harm us. l learned a lifes lesson and if God didnt step in when he did at the times he did l would be dead. I learned about myself ,my addictions,and tools and still learning (l feel l had an enlightenment) was co-dependent and loved the toxic relationships. There is a book by Lundy Bancroft “Why does he do that, Inside the minds of angry and controlling men” l think our young in society at the right age need to read and learn about this because there are more sick people that are out there ,just haven’t got caught yet or got the guts to act out their sickness. We need to stop it and being more educated is the start………….oh and as for your friends you lost when all this happen, are still there (if they are true friends who love you unconditionally they are the ones you need around.) There is a happy great life out there for all of us (you are worthy of it)


    June 29, 2011 at 5:25 am

  3. People really need to learn all of the characteristics of these human predators and when you meet one, no matter how charming, attractive or compelling…RUN! Run like your life depends on it and your hair is on fire.

    I really feel bad for the person whose experience with a classic sociopath/psychopath was his/her on own brother! We choose our spouses but blood or half blood is inextricable. My younger sister is a sociopath. Sadly, I can avoid her but at least she is not so chronic that she needs to ruin people’s lives for spite. She is the most destructive to herself and her children. Thank God they are grown now and able to defend themselves from her manipulations and grandiose plans. Perhaps one thing that will help is reminding ourselves that “they” only make up 1% of the population. We should also be mindful of not carelessly diagnosing all difficult people as sociopaths or psychopaths. There a several factors and we should all know the checklist and apply them to every potential relationship.


    December 29, 2012 at 5:29 pm

  4. I also found a half-brother in my 30’s. he held me captive in my own home controlling even my marine husband. Rapeing and torchuring, beating me for months. charging my own husband at the time to have sex with me.he was trying to prostitute other girls also. finally when his other siblings came and got him from out of state he called a yr later saying he was on his way with a kidnapped prostitute and he was gonna catch me and no one would ever see me again. He got caught and was charged with rapeing 5 prostitutes with objects, kidnapping, attempted murder ect. 19 felony counts that month. he was sentenced to 48yrs no possible parole in a pysic unit, on a technicality in his first appeal his sentence changed to 35 with parole, now since he is on a gps in a jail with no walls. he will be out soon and i have done everything he said i wasn’t allowed to do if i didnt choose him. i am the only one i know that could be a threat to his sentence because i am not a prostitute, i am a sibling and they only think he did this to prostitutes. he made it very clear and hasn’t lied, like, when he said i would disappear. i dont think him serving 9yrs. is gonna make him happy with me when he is out,, especially since my dad served time for murdering our mother.

    Lauralee Reynolds

    June 16, 2014 at 1:07 am

  5. I am so grateful that i found this site. I was sexually harassed by a supposed friend at work. I was so upset by this. He got more and more aggressive towards me, then i finally confronted him on what he did to me. He denied it to my face, apologized on behalf of “whoever did this to you.” The entire speech was so baffling, i took a few steps backwards and even started suspecting if i had mistaken him for someone else. I fucking almost bought his bag of lies myself, when he put his fingers down my pants himself!!!! I snapped out of it and got aggressive with my language. The look of concern and denial finally snapped, and his face changed from empathetic to incredibly mean and threatening. He then threatened me to keep my mouth shut if i wanted to get along with anyone at work.
    Up to the harassment, i honestly believed we were friends. He was, to me, the dirty old man that knew a bunch of dirty jokes. And i thought he would apologize for how he made me feel.
    Boy, this story could be a movie. I fell apart, and spiraled into my own addictions. I ended up hurting people who were my friends, and started the 12 step recovery process again. I ended up quitting my job. The harassment and retaliation from all the events got to be too much to handle. My coworkers sided with my harasser and all the strings were tied together into a noose. Held by my original harasser. Who has branded me as many things.
    I am nearing my 9th step amends, and wouldn’t you know, this man knows his truth will be revealed soon. It is amazing the length these psychos will go to protect their image at the expense of others they have hurt.
    I have my part to own up to. I retaliated against him in my own ways. I caused harm afterwards. And i am ready to own my part in a formal amends. I have done everything that every sponsor has asked me to do. My private life, both real and made up has gone viral, and i have lost friendships and respect from people who have been in my life for decades. Lifelong friendships all of a sudden ended. I know this man is at the center of it all. Now i am treated hostile in any 12 step meeting ive attended. Of all places to not feel welcomed…at a fucking 12 step meeting!!!!!
    I want to choose victimhood and say he is sabotaging my recovery. And i know he is gone to great lengths to discredit me. I fear my safety is at risk, should i make any formal amends. But i also know i can not predict the future. I am writing here to make sure there is something, somewhere, that the truth can be traced to.
    I have put distance on people at work, which was interpreted as me becoming cold and callus. That isnt me. That was my sponsor telling me to back off so i could figure myself out.
    So much has been mis interpreted. My recovery has taught me that without my program, i could easily become this man i have grown to resent more than anyone ive ever known.
    I pray for him and everyone i resent. I go to meetings, even though i am shunned for being, whatever people think they know about me. It is none of my business what people think of me.
    My relationship with god is right. I am close to making amends with people…friends i hurt, after i spiraled. I am no saint, and i have been doing my part. I worked with some psychos who have done everything they can, to make me feel like i am nothing, and worthless. But i have to believe i am worthless, which i usually, no longer believe about myself. I miss my roots. My friends. My meetings. If i named the company i worked for, you wouldnt believe such evil could come from this place, but i assure you l, it did, and it is.
    Please keep me in your prayers, as i continue with my truth, my recovery. Ill pray for anyone who needs encouragement, support, and strength from the effects of psychopathic behavior, i truly know how unbelievable our stories sound to the outside world. But i believe each and every one of you. And am thankful to have found a wealth of information here to help me as well. God bless you all.

    Purple Cook

    July 11, 2014 at 4:28 pm

  6. What this “mono” being has done to you is called gaslighting. I would recommend information! Knowledge truly is power. Read Without Conscience by Robert Hare. Learn everything you can about this character disorder…because it is not you! Unfortunately, because of your vulnerability and sensitivity, you made a good victim. If this ever happens to you again…(God forbid!), I would recommend recording conversations…if possible and report them. Most of these people only fear exposure. These are sick, twisted monsters that cannot be cured…only shunned and reported.


    July 11, 2014 at 4:43 pm

  7. OP, your story is the most similar to my own that I have ever read. When I was 16 I was staying with my aunt and uncle and cousins. My oldest cousin, 16 years my senior, got a divorce and moved back in with his parents during this time. He started stalking me, molesting me in my sleep, etc. and made me swear to secrecy. I’d make him promise to stop but to no avail. Finally I tried to tell the truth to people only they didn’t believe me. His younger siblings, who were my age, were my best friends. They soon turned against me. My own brother turned against me. He made friends with my church, and isolated me from them. He started going behind my back and telling people we were in a romantic relationship. He made a big show of being overly nice to me in public, so nobody believed my complaints or suspected abuse. This went on for years. Now, I have lost contact with all my family except my parents. Truly the worst nightmare imaginable, when it’s family, and there’s an incestuous psychopath involved. OP, or anyone with a similar story, I’d love to keep in touch and talk through this incredible pain and ruination.


    January 31, 2019 at 10:12 pm

  8. Please reply if you want to chat.


    January 31, 2019 at 10:17 pm

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