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Stockholm Syndrome

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Stockholm Syndrome, where a person who has been victimized may develop an attachment to the aggressor, is similar, but not identical to traumatic bonding.  Stockholm Syndrome is based on a 1973 case where bank robbers held a woman and three other people hostage for six days.  When released, the female hostage found she had formed a strong attachment, a sort of infatuation, with her captor.  Four conditions are also involved in developing Stockholm Syndrome.

–(1).  The victim is threatened with death or great physical harm and perceives the perpetrator to be capable of carrying out the threat.

–(2).  The victim feels there is no means for escape from the situation and perceives that their lives depend on their captor.

–(3).  The victim feels isolated and feels very little hope for outside intervention from family or friends.

–(4).  The perpetrator offers kindness along with the violence, increasing the victims perception of complete helplessness and dependence on the captor.

Stockholm Syndrome can apply to many victim-perpetrator situations, including domestic abuse and child abuse, where most, if not all, of these conditions often exist.  When Stockholm Syndrome emerges, the victim clings to the abuser because that is perceived by the victim to be their only hope of survival.  The resulting bond, although unhealthy, is often a stronger bond than the one that forms in healthy relationships

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January 24, 2009 at 3:01 pm

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  1. I am not sure with me if it is tramactic bonding or stockholm sydrome but in each article i fit all the above ….
    i have been married to my husband for fivew years abuse started the first 2 weeks of the marriage i made every excuse including that it was somehow my fault if only i dindt do this or that……..i was and still in such denial he got arressted 6 weeks ago i still talk to him even though they ut a reatraining order on him to stay away from me we go to couert in two weeks i dont want him to go to jail but i am afraid to go back with him i am glad there is a restrining order because i feel sorry for him and would be talked back into the abuse he was very abusive choking me,sexual abuse but i always forgave him i know there were times he could of killed me why do i talk to him the courts are on my side i have no excuse does anyone know how i can change the way i think?
    and not be under his spell i see things for the way they are he is dangerous but if he tells me” jump” i ask” how high!” I Have been going to domestic violence councsling for the last 4 years i appreciate any advise


    January 11, 2012 at 12:42 am

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